Remote controls your media with a touch

If you’re an Apple geek and have loaded your life with Mac computers, iPhones, iPods and Apple TV, Remote is the essential app to control all the digital media those devices offer.

Remote is a free app that does exactly what you think: It’s a remote control for your Mac, allowing you to control your computer’s iTunes library and play the music through your home stereo. It’s also a remote for Apple TV, if you use that Apple service to deliver HD movies to your TV.

Remote even downloads your album covers and information, which, through Apple TV, can be displayed on your TV as the music plays.

There are some practical uses. For instance, I use Remote all the time to switch the music playing over my home stereo while I work on the same computer that runs iTunes. It’s easier than opening a separate window to change the song. Is that lazy? No, it’s handy.

Remote works over your home’s wireless network and the initial set up can be lengthy at first as it syncs with your media libraries.

If your home is everything Apple, Remote provides one-touch control.

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