Resolution Achieved: Fox News Settles Dominion Defamation Lawsuit


Dominion Voting Systems has reached a significant milestone in its defamation case against Fox News. After a long legal battle, a settlement has been reached that aims to hold Fox News accountable for spreading false information about the 2020 election. The lead counsel for Dominion, Justin Nelson, explains that this settlement achieves two important goals: accountability and making Dominion whole again.

The settlement between Dominion and Fox News involves a payment of over $787 million from the network to Dominion. Additionally, Fox News has acknowledged that its coverage of the 2020 election was false. According to Nelson, this settlement sends a strong message of accountability and serves as an important victory for Dominion and its employees.

“This is really the first time that anyone has paid a price for telling the lies of the 2020 election, and we’re very proud about that,” Nelson stated. The substantial financial compensation and public acknowledgement of false reporting serve as a clear indication that spreading misinformation comes with consequences.

During the litigation process, texts and emails from within the Fox network were brought to light. These internal communications revealed that despite privately ridiculing claims of election fraud, the most prominent stars and highest-ranking executives at Fox News allowed lies about the presidential contest to be promoted on air. Nelson emphasized the value of these messages, stating, “And what today has shown is that you have to pay a price if you’re telling lies.”

The emergence of these texts and emails not only strengthened Dominion’s case but also shed light on the discrepancy between private knowledge and public reporting. It became evident that the truth matters, and those who spread lies will eventually face consequences.

While the settlement does not explicitly require Fox’s anchors to acknowledge the lies they propagated on air, Nelson believes that the outcome is significant for the network. The substantial financial payment and public recognition of false reporting serve as a reminder that journalistic integrity and accuracy are essential.

Nelson also believes that the settlement with Fox News sends a strong message to other right-wing outlets currently facing legal disputes with Dominion. The repercussions of spreading misinformation are becoming increasingly apparent, and organizations must be held accountable for their actions.

The settlement reached in the Dominion defamation lawsuit against Fox News marks a significant moment in the fight against misinformation. Dominion Voting Systems, through its lead counsel Justin Nelson, has achieved accountability and restitution in the form of a substantial financial settlement and public acknowledgment of false reporting. This outcome serves as a reminder to networks and media outlets that spreading misinformation comes with consequences. As the truth prevails, it is crucial for organizations to prioritize accuracy and integrity in their reporting.

With this settlement, Dominion has set a precedent for holding those who spread lies accountable. The power of texts and emails revealed during the litigation process further emphasizes the importance of truth and the consequences that come with spreading falsehoods. As the fight against misinformation continues, it is crucial for media organizations to prioritize fact-checking and responsible reporting.

The settlement with Fox News sends a strong message not only to the network itself but also to other right-wing outlets that may be involved in ongoing legal disputes with Dominion. The implications of this settlement extend beyond a single case, serving as a reminder that the truth matters and that there are consequences for those who spread lies.

As the world navigates an increasingly complex information landscape, the Dominion defamation lawsuit serves as a beacon of hope for accountability and truth. It reminds us all of the importance of fact-checking, responsible reporting, and the need to hold those who spread misinformation liable for their actions.

First reported by CNN.

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