Roambi is pie (chart) in the sky

If you have an hour to invest in productivity tool Roambi you will be very happy with results. 

Tables of numbers are sometimes hard to grasp; transfer them to charts and graphs and they come alive with meaning. But who hasn’t struggled with creating such graphics in programs like Excel? For a business person on the road, or making a call when a PC is not available, Roambi gives you immediate access to important information in graphical form. The application is well worth the time and effort required to master it. 

On the one hand, productivity tool Roambi can turn numbers into colorful graphics efficiently. On the other hand, you must understand certain things about your numbers to use the tool well. The key to understanding the app  is that Roambi works with tables of compiled numbers, not with raw lists. It is important to have a basic understanding of spreadsheets to  make the best use of Roambi.

I learned how to use Roambi via video FAQ’s on the website. You must first register on the site, which is free. Once logged in, you start by choosing the type of graph or list that you wish, then the source of information. Roambi guides you through the steps of creating the graph, and then prompts you to publish the file.

Once published, the file is immediately available via iPhone. There, you can view the file in various graphic forms. You are also able to create and modify various folders and move files between folders.

The free version of Roambi is compatible with Excel spreadsheets, with templates available on The free version of the app can also access, as long as you have an account. The enterprise version of Roambi is compatible with SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Business Objects.

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