ScoreCenter lacks features, but is good at what it does

Since ESPN launched in 1979, it has completely changed the way we watch, talk and think about sports. The self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports is well on its way to dominating how we get get live scores on our mobile devices with the release of ESPN ScoreCenter

ScoreCenter boasts that it allows you to follow games and teams from more than 500 leagues, so customization is important. Fortunately, getting the scores you care about is fast and simple.

The free app lets you set your favorite leagues and teams, and the user is able to slide between the leagues. If your favorite team is playing that day, that game will be displayed prominently at the top of the league page.

Users can then select a game to get more information. Click on your favorite MLB team’s game and you will see something very similar to what you would see on ScoreCenter includes live scoring and GameCast, and when you select a player it will take you to their ESPN player card.

A nice addition is the inclusion of a news ticker at the bottom. If you click on one of the items, a story will open in ESPN MobileWeb.

Everything in ScoreCenter works well and looks fantastic. My only complaint is what is not included in the app. The lack of league standings and statistical leaders is disappointing and something I expected to be there, but given the app’s price it’s hard to really complain.  

ESPN ScoreCenter is in many ways the antithesis of ESPN itself. Its sole purpose is to provide live scores for any event that you would care about without the highlight packages and talking heads. As long as that is what you are looking for – and not the latest Stuart Scott catchphrase or some clever Bermanism – you should be pleased.

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