Simplistic Cardify iPhone app not the best for greetings

I’m sure everybody appreciates a nice card every now and then. With myriad card-sending apps in the App Store, there should be one available that is perfect for expressing your thoughts. Cardify, for iPhone and iPod Touch, isn’t it.

Cardify only offers 10 cards for users to choose, including thank yous, happy birthday and congratulations options. Cardify claims it’s choosing quality over quantity, but we’ll get to that in a second. In each card you’ll be able to compose a 60-character message. There are no options for modifying the font and 60 characters doesn’t give you much leeway for expressing yourself.

You can send your card via MMS or email. The text options launches Messages and then asks you to paste in your previously created card. Easy enough. With email, the composer launches in-app for you to send, but your recipient will probably laugh at you. The sent card is a ridiculous size and the image quality is horrible. The finished product is not something that should be sent to anyone, ever. If the image size was smaller, the overwhelming pixelation wouldn’t be quite as noticeable, but overall Cardify simply doesn’t measure up to other card apps that are already thriving.

Cardify is “free for a limited time.” They should probably extend that limited time to forever because I can’t recommend anyone ever pay a dime for this app.

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