Simpsons Arcade, The Onion, and the week’s best free iPhone apps

The question about this week’s free iPhone apps list isn’t which ones you will want, but how many you have room for on your iPhone.

60-plus years of songs in one iPhone app

An iPhone app that lets you listen to the top 100 songs each year from 1947-2009 sounds like a near-perfect one, but there are many caveats when it comes to  is a side-scrolling iPhone game with a very retro feel; though judging by the game’s download numbers, you probably already knew that. Last Wednesday saw the free version of the Electronic Arts game released, and it allows you to play through the first level of the game. You will get help from the entire family and you will see plenty of familiar characters in this game, but you only play as Homer. The game’s graphics are really well done and the controls are perfect for an iPhone game that aims to be a retro arcade game – two buttons and a directional pad. The full game, which was released in December, will cost you $4.99.

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