Snoring: Tips and Tricks to Turn Down the Noise


Snoring is commonly found among many people and the majority are men and people who are overweight. Snoring is breathing noisily while sleeping. This happens when the air through your mouth and nose gets blocked. Blocking of the air path may be ascertained for several medical reasons. Medical reasons can be the following: the shape of the nose, or the shape of the mouth, etc.

Snoring as a Symptom

Snoring can also be a symptom of a much bigger problem like Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). OSA makes breathing problems for people which can be struggling and painful at times. In certain cases, OSA can even cause heart problems. 

But in many cases, snoring doesn’t cause pain to you. Although, snoring is a big nuisance for your bed partner or roommates. So, for being clear, you should talk to a doctor about this problem. 

What Checkup by Doctor Entails

The doctor will ask you about your previous and existing medical conditions, your daily habit, sleeping habits, sleeping position, and more relevant pieces of information. Doctors will also conduct physical inspections on your body and tell you to perform certain relevant tests. From those data, the doctor may infer several treatments for your snoring problem. 

Getting Doctor Advice

For any diverse change in your lifestyle and health, it is always better to get proper advice from a doctor. And there might even be medical causes behind your snoring problem like a deviated septum. For dealing with those problems, surgery is the permanent treatment option. Therefore, you should get a doctor’s checkup if you are concerned about your problem and take steps accordingly.

Different Tips and Tricks for Treating Snoring

There are several tips, tricks, and treatments used by people globally as per medical advice. Let’s learn about those recommended tips.

Tip Number 1: Change Your Lifestyle

Since this condition happens to overweight people, the first tip is to change your lifestyle. You must control your food habit. A suitable new training regime can help you out in the long run. It is a good idea to sleep at a regular time. Maintaining a timely schedule with good habits will help you help to change your health and even solve your snoring problems. 

Another crucial point is that you need to get enough sleep. You must be determined to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep for ensuring good health and no snoring. A good healthy lifestyle is also directly linked to eating healthy & nutritious food and also staying dehydrated.

Tip Number 2:  Stop Drinking Alcohol, Especially Close to Sleeping Time

Doctors have found alcohol guilty of making people snore. The reason is that alcohol can make the tissues in the throat relax which can cause snoring. Doctors have found that people, who drink too close to sleeping time, tend to snore more and sometimes even develop sleep apnea. Due to the above reason, you must reduce your alcohol consumption at least two hours before bedtime. But for health reasons, it might be even better to cut back on alcohol completely.

Tip Number 3: Change Your Sleeping Position

Doctors and researchers have found that sleeping on your back can lead to snoring. Snoring happens if you lie on your back, as that may make your tongue fall back inside your throat ushering to partial airflow obstruction. The remedy to this problem is to sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side will ensure that your tongue will never fall back inside your throat. It will take some time to change your sleep habit, but you can solve this issue with continuous and consistent trying.

Tip Number 4: Applying Mouth Exercises

Snoring happens when your throat and tongue tissues become too relaxed and make your tongue fall inside the throat causing partial airflow obstruction. These exercises are known as oropharyngeal exercises. Doctors recommend those exercises to people with weak tissue in the tongue & throat and other relevant medical problems. 

You should try to use those exercises daily and do as much as possible without injuring yourself. 2 to 3 months of continuous use of those exercises can lead to successful treatment of your snoring to a significant extent.

Tip Number 5: Stop Smoking

Smoking is responsible for creating snoring problems in many people. Due to this reason, doctors now advise patients to stop smoking completely. By quitting smoking, you will have multiple benefits. Firstly, your lungs won’t deteriorate anymore and your snoring problem may not occur.

Tip Number 6: Use Nasal Dilators

Snoring occurs when there is an obstruction to the airflow. You might apply adhesive strips or dilators inside your nose. It will help to increase the area of your passage, which ultimately helps to cause airflow without any hindrance. You may also use neti pots and nasal saline solution. Neti pots are very conducive to relieving nasal congestion and help with your comfortable breathing. 

But you should remind yourself that it is not a good thing to become dependent on something wholly. So, you should use neti pots or nasal saline solution inside your nasal passage for good circulation of air, but not too frequently. There are many other nasal irrigation devices like bulb syringes, squeeze bottles, etc. These devices are safe and helpful and are used carefully and cleaned thoroughly.

Conclusion: Ensuring Good Quality Sleep

If you try to maintain all the mentioned tips and even other recommended treatment options, you may progress forward with the treatment of your snoring and other health problems too. Proper and consistent utilization of different tips will help you ensure good quality sleep without snoring.

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