Sonos gears up for major app upgrade

"App Upgrade"

Sonos is preparing to roll out a major upgrade of its mobile application on Android and iOS platforms on May 7th. Notable among the new improvements are user interface overhauls and advanced seamless navigation features, aimed at enriching user experience.

The updated application, dubbed Sonos S2, includes a raft of interesting features. These range from personalized recommendations to a more structured search function, improved control over different audio rooms, and support for high-resolution audio for top-quality sound.

Subscribers also stand to benefit from room-specific sound profiles, a new feature that gives users the liberty to adjust audio settings differently in each room, in line with their personal auditory preference and room acoustics.

The updated Sonos S2 app highlights key design changes such as the removal of the lower navigation tabs, bringing all features onto a versatile home page, the addition of a permanently positioned search bar, and the integration of shuffle and repeat options in the Now Playing screen.

With the upcoming redesign, users will now have scrolling carousels of playlists and music services on their home page which they can customize to their preference.

Ahead of its debut wireless headphones release expected to cost $449, Sonos will roll out an update called Passport. This is seen as a crucial part of their strategy to provide a seamless user experience as the company ventures into personal audio.

Sonos set for major app enhancement

The headphones are expected to be integrated effortlessly with the Sonos speaker ecosystem to enable streaming of TV audio wirelessly.

The release of the wireless headphones comes on the heels of anticipation and industry speculation, presenting high hopes for significant activity in the market for Sonos. The company had witnessed a dip in activity after launching a series of new hardware products in 2024, including a Bluetooth speaker.

Sonos’ CEO, Patrick Spence, however, remains optimistic about the success of the forthcoming headphones. The new headphones are not only expected to compete favorably with top-tier headphone manufacturers like Apple, Sony, and Sennheiser but also expected to dramatically enhance user experience.

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