Sportacular takes a gambler’s view of sports

There are plenty of iPhone apps to update sports scores but not many for practicing your betting skills. Sportacular does that and more.

Like any worthwhile sports app, Sportacular provides live updates of nearly every popular sporting event, including four different international soccer leagues. But Sportacular also provides pre-game odds and the over-under for the final score. You can also pick the winner. Of course, the gambling is just for fun–or practice for your next trip to Vegas.

Your picks are recorded by Sportacular and compared to other users, where they are ranked by the month and then by season. If nothing else, this feature helps Sportacular stand out in a crowded field of sports score apps.

The rest of the Sportacular feature set is fairly standard. Full standings, league leaders and the latest sports news is available. Sportacular also provides team-by-team statistics, a useful touch. Want to know how many RBI White Sox rookie Gordon Beckham has this year? You’ll find out with a few taps.

The only place Sportacular errs is in its bare-bones presentation. Compared to competitors such as the sleek SportsTap, Sportacular’s design is unimpressive. That said, if the worst thing one can say about an app is that it could look a little better, it’s a download worth taking a gamble on.

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