Spring into Spring Cleaning with These Apps

BrightNest – Home Tips & Ideas (iOS/Android)

For a comprehensive app that covers the essentials when it comes to cleaning a home, BrightNest is a tool that helps users keep track of what they have cleaned and where else they should clean. For example, the app gives tips on different techniques to clean and make the house look better, develops a personal schedule so that all of the cleaning can be kept on track and measureable, and send reminders over time so that users do not forget to do a certain task. Beyond just cleaning, the app also gives tips on better ways to clean as well as interior designing ideas to improve a space. Through conducting an introductory quiz, users are able to receive customized tips that are tailored for their specific needs. With this quiz, the app identifies the different aspects of the house such as floor type and furniture material so that the tips provided match the specifications for the user. As an extremely detailed app that is able to curate cleaning tips, schedules, and ideas for its users, BrightNest is one of the best tools to be used during the spring cleaning season.

Chorma for Chores (iOS)

When living with others, splitting chores is a task that can significantly reduce the amount of cleaning time per person. With this, Chorma for Chores is an app that helps to assign the division of chores between those living together. Through the app, users are able to coordinate what needs to be done for any task which then syncs across the other accounts listed in that house. With this, users get automatic lists of things that they need to do once the task is updated. Furthermore, the tasks are gamified so that users earn points once they have completed their task. As a tool that can also track when a chore has been completed or not, Chorma for Chores is perfect for those who live with others and are looking for a more streamlined way to divide the cleaning tasks this spring.

Takl – Home Services On Demand (iOS/Android)

Perhaps the best way to clean a home for those who are busy is to hire professionals who can do it for them. With the growth in the sharing economy, Takl is an app that provides home services such as cleaning on demand. Regarded as the “Uber of home cleaning”, the app has dedicated professionals who can be scheduled to come in and do the tasks as needed such as simple repairs to cleaning entire spaces. With the ability to pick and choose providers as well as see the ratings that others who have previously hired them have left, the app is one that helps users get their space cleaned in an easy way. A highly attractive feature of the app is that the rates and prices are all done through the app prior to the person arriving so that there are no payment issues or haggling once the person arrives and does the job. As one of the best apps that can be used to ensure that a space is clean without doing much manual work, Takl is an app that leverages others who are looking for work to clean up more conveniently.



An aspect of spring cleaning that is often overlooked are the household repairs that are held off until the last minute. Instead of hiring a contractor or repairman to come and do the fixes, DIYZ is an app that empowers regular homeowners to do the repairs themselves through simple instructions that are accompanied by images and videos. As the app contains many of the common issues that exist around the household which are broken down into easy-to-understand steps, DIYZ makes it intuitive to engage in the self-repair aspect. One of the best features of the app is that it connects users with a greater community of DIYZ users who are able to provide support and help for each other for tasks that are confusing or difficult to complete. With all of these features, DIYZ is an app that is great for those who are looking to do some household repairs during spring break.

My Lawn: A Guide to Lawn Care (iOS)

Ensuring that the outside of the house such as the lawn and garden are well kept is just as important as the interior of the house. For that reason, My Lawn is an app that is perfect for the spring cleaning season when the plants start to flourish once again. With the app, users get the best gardening tips and trackers to make sure the lawn and garden are at its best. For example, users are able to input the weather in their area and other data points to receive information on how much water would be ideal for their particular garden. Furthermore, tracking of how the plants are growing over time can provide additional data on how well users are keeping on top of their garden and lawn. With this, users are able to ensure that their lawn is healthy and looking clean during the spring which makes it perfect to have a well-kept exterior.

For those who are looking for tools that can help streamline the cleaning process this spring, the apps listed in this article are able to provide a high degree of efficiency. From those that provide curated tips on how to better clean a space to others that help locate those who are able to clean a space on-demand, these tools are highly recommended for those who are looking for better ways in which to clean their spaces this spring season.

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