Technology Finds the Best First Wordle Guess: Here is the Story

best first wordle guess

WORDLE. Unless you are living under a rock, you must have heard about people losing themselves over a game. That’s based on guessing the correct word to fit the puzzle. However, most people did not spend hours on it just because they liked the game. In fact, it’s a very annoying game to play every day (unless you are a nerd). People spent hours trying to guess the right word. This way they can post their results online and impress their friends on social media. But one cannot deny the fact that it’s tough to guess the words.

But, as always technology has come to our rescue. With the help of information theory, a YouTuber has found a way to crack the best way to start a wordle. Here’s the story!

 Information Theory and Wordle

Information theory, in simple words, is a science that helps predict how information is stored and retrieved in a database. Therefore, a YouTube channel named 3Blue1Brown, made a YouTube video of approximately 30 minutes to find out how players should start their wordle to lay the foundation correctly.

In other words, the guy spent a good amount of time finding out what sequence of letters will fit the first word of the wordle best. You can call him crazy, but he has surely made the game easier for many people.

What is the Best First Word For Wordle?

Yes, we know that you have been dying of suspense. Especially when you are a crazy fan of the game. So, the word that is predicted by the use of information theory is “CRANE”. Now, the video also mentions that it is not a definitive word that you should use to start your wordle. However, if you use it then there are high chances that you will be off to a good start.

The Story of How the Word was Predicted

The video features a very detailed process of how the word plane was adopted as the best way to start your Wordle. So, the first idea that the YouTuber comes up with is to use the most common letters and words that are present in the English language. Therefore, the video’s author tries different words such as “other” or “nails”. These words were predicted by the video on the basis of how they are made with the most used letters in the English language. However, as the video proceeds further, the author of the video uses around 2300 possible word answers. And author comes up with the best option “crane”.

The video explains how the channel focused on the word frequency and not just the usage of letters in the equation. Therefore, this new idea changes the dynamics of the situation.

But, as a pro-Wordle player, it will be unfortunate if you just rely on the usage of a single word and do not pay any heed to how you should play the game further to get a good score. So, here are a few other tricks that you should have under your belt before hopping on to the next game of wordle.


The most annoying thing about Wordle is that it has limited slots that you can play on in a single day. This is why a lot of people miss out on practicing their game and getting better at it. However, thanks to the Internet, there are many archives that you can use to practice for the game. So that when you play the actual game, you can make better guesses for your words.

Focus on the Green

If you have made a good guess on your first try, then focus on the letters that are green. And use them again in your second case. Because chances are that you will be able to crack the other word what the help of the green letters.

Repeat words

A lot of the time when you are stuck with a word in your game, chances are that it is the same word that you have guessed before. Therefore, do not shy away from entering the same five-lettered word once again. It can be a trick in use by the publishers at the New York Times to confuse people. Consequently, people spend more time on their website.

Wordle is an interesting game that took over the Internet. On every platform, people would post their scores and flaunt how good they are at the game. However, we cannot deny that it is very hard to guess the words. So, using information theory technology, a YouTuber came up with the word “crane” as the first word that will suit your game the best. Try it on your next game and see how it goes for you.

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