Ten sports-themed iPhone apps for female athletes

Whether you tackle triathlons or play professional basketball, it takes a lot of hard training and dedication to become a powerful female athlete. Check out these 10 iPhone apps for athletic inspiration and to keep your own inner athlete alive.

Apps for the everyday female athlete

The free NikeWomen Training Club app helps you setup and schedule a weekly training program without hiring an expensive personal trainer. Customize your workout based on cardio, core or strength, and select your level of intensity, which determines how many times a week you do that particular workout. I set up a three-day-a-week yoga workout, and an intense level, four-times-a-week cardio outdoor workout/ The app gave me handy video instructions for all my weekly workouts—so easy, and free!

Right now, the go-to lady in the fitness world is none other than Jillian Michaels from “The Biggest Loser” fame, so it’s no surprise that Michaels has launched a free app of her own, Jillian Michaels Fitness Motivation. With this app, Michaels brings her no-nonsense approach to weight loss and physical fitness by helping users set realistic goals, then tracking their progress toward reach those goals.

The Women’s Fitness app brings the UK magazine of the same name straight to your iPhone. For $2.99, you get the app and the current issue of the magazine, filled with all the latest tips for fat burning, muscle sculpting and leading an overall healthy lifestyle. You can download additional magazines at $2.99 each, or purchase a subscription via in-app purchase.

If you are looking for workouts tailored for women on the go, check out the iCore Gym Women’s Advanced Program A app ($2.99). These workouts, consisting of six specific exercises, were developed specifically to enhance your athletic performance by lifelong athlete and kinesiologist, Alex Laws.

Women’s sports team apps

If you are a fan of women’s professional basketball, you will want to download the free WNBA Center Court app. This app tracks all the teams in the WNBA, and gives you the latest statistics, game schedules, rosters and more. Also, keep up with league leaders for points, rebounds and assists, as well the standings for each team in the league.

The New York Liberty, a women’s professional basketball team, took the WNBA Center Court a step further and create their own free New York Liberty app. Fans of the Liberty can keep up with all the latest team news and even check out behind the scenes videos of the players.

Another professional women’s team, the Women’s Professional Soccer’s Chicago Red Stars, have thrown their cleats into the iPhone app arena. This professional women’s soccer team has its own app, complete with schedule and roster. The cool thing about this app is a live webcast of games that starts 15 minutes prior to each game, and the app even keeps an archive of past games for your viewing pleasure.

It isn’t just the professional women’s teams hitting your iPhone. The Stanford women’s basketball team has its very own app, officially titled Stanford Women’s Basketball. This app has your typical sports team features like a news, photos, video and Twitter feed. A neat addition is a feed to the player blog so you can get to know the players a little better.

Menstruating and meditating

The one thing that sets women apart from the boys, and can really keep you from giving your all to your daily workout routine, is a monthly visit from your period. Keep track of your monthly flow by downloading the free What Women Want app, a period tracker, so you won’t ever be surprised by “Aunt Flow” on the golf course or basketball court again.

And, last but not least, if you are feeling a little worn down from all your hard work at the gym, check out the Mayo Clinic Meditation app ($2.99) to get in a little precious “me time.” Think of it as an adult timeout to recuperate and refresh for your next workout.

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