The Best Apps All Job Seekers Must Have on Their iPhone

Indeed Job Search

Boasting a job-hunting community of over 180 million users per month, a job database consisting of more than 16 million openings covering a breathtaking variety of professions from over 60 countries in 28 languages, Indeed Job Search is the world’s number one job search tool. Indeed makes things easier on you by providing free access to job boards and company websites, and by helping you through the entire job-seeking process. Narrow down search results with a wide range of filters, make use of your iPhone’s or iPad’s GPS to find job openings near your location, and, most of all, fill out your Indeed resume to apply for your dream job with a single tap. Indeed Job Search remembers your recent searches, and delivers the latest and most relevant job postings straight to your inbox. To top it all off, you can read company reviews – more than 10 million of them -, peek behind the curtains of your future workplace thanks to photos depicting the office life, and assist your fellow job-seekers by reviewing the companies you’ve worked for.

LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Job Search employs LinkedIn’s legendary networking superpowers to get you employed ASAP. As you must have concluded by now, this hassle-free app uses your LinkedIn-profile as a resume, so make sure that it is in top form and up-to-date. LinkedIn Job Search has the same features as its website-based desktop version, and allows you to perform searches based on location, keywords, or job title. To lessen the burden of the ever-stressful process of finding a job, LinkedIn Job Search makes recommendations based on your profile, previously viewed postings, and saved searches. Proving that the developers have paid great attention to all the crucial details, the app keeps your privacy perfectly save, ensuring that no one in your network can sniff out that changes are brewing. LinkedIn Job Search is free-of-charge, though it offers a monthly Premium Job Seeker Subscription for $29.99 per with which you can find out how you compare to other applicants and explore the hiring trends of a multitude of companies.

Job Search – Snagajob

Snagajob sounds like the name of a funny-looking alien villain from an animation movie, but it’s actually something more useful and serious: an app specializing in connecting you with hourly employment. Snagajob has an extensive database containing more than 1 million jobs from a varied assortment of industries. Personalize your Snagajob profile with videos and personality quizzes to display the entire spectrum of your true self and your capabilities, perform targeted searches, get notifications when relevant openings are posted, and keep track of the status of your application in real-time.

ZipRecruiter Job Search

ZipRecruiter Job Search prides itself on being the only job-hunting app you’ll need – which might be true, but when your livelihood is at stake, you have to go at unemployment with everything you got. As for ZipRecruiter’s features, it gathers openings from hundreds of job boards, sends daily updates filled with relevant postings to your inbox, allows you to save jobs or job searches, and, best of all, notifies you when your application has been reviewed. ZipRecruiter is free, which is almost hard to believe in light of it being the best-rated app in its category on the App Store.

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