The Best Games to Give to a New Xbox Player

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Gaming is a desirable and famous industry in the entertainment sector in today’s world. Undoubtedly, there are so many different types of gaming media present – like Xbox, PlayStation, PC games, and more. To cope with the increased demand for better and superior-quality games from the ever-increasing players globally, game-making companies are now bringing out the best games that are more impressive.

With the advancement of technology, high graphics games are now being made for gamers.  Most games are made for the Xbox, or PlayStation platform first and then the games may get converted to other formats like Windows (PC) or Android.

What a Player and a Gamer Wants

As a player, it is understandable that you want the whole package. You want the best in different sectors as the best story plot, memorable characters, captivating action scenes, best ending, and finally, the best possible graphics. Not all games may fit the above scenario.

Crucial Factors to Consider

You should note down several factors if you want to enjoy playing games. Factors include genre, graphics, gameplay, plot, pacing, etc.

One crucial factor to consider is the genre. People have things they love and things they don’t like. You may find yourself lying towards action and adventure-type games, whereas someone else may like detective-type or non-RPG-type games.

Best Games to Note Down

Let’s talk about the best names for you to play on your newly bought Xbox.

The three most popular names for you to play are:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Red Dead Redemption
  •  Grand Theft Auto V

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

One of the most popular and most-played games at the moment is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This had everything from the best plot to the best characters. It can be noted that The Witcher 3 has dominated the world for its overall supremacy in terms of finance and quality. It is an action-adventure-based RPG game that is set up in a meticulously built open world.

There are beasts, spirits, monsters, and curses evident in the gameplay. It can give you complete freedom over your choices and gameplay. You can roam the open world for hours on end and complete side missions related to people all over the gaming world. If you want to focus on the main storyline, you would need to do certain things in a certain way after a specific period.

You can level up by doing side missions and helping people. By leveling up, you get stronger. With those side missions, there comes the element of variety. You will not feel bored for a second and the storyline and character development builds up gradually for a thrilling adventure and the perfect ending to the game.

2. Red Dead Redemption

The next one you need to know about is Red Dead Redemption 2. This is a western-themed action-adventure game focusing on open-world gameplay and a navigation system. It has been critically acclaimed for all its elements. There is a wanted system in place just like the GTA series. If you are a fan of the GTA game series, this is an absolute must for you.

A captivating realistic storyline with realistic gameplay is sure to make you realize the amazing game it is. You are good to move in the vast game world freely. The thrill and actions of fighting against rival gangs, and surviving against government forces is another attractive detail to note.

And there is the fact that, with such a vast gaming world, comes a huge number of non-playing characters (NPCs) which will provide you with many events and opportunities to savor your experience. Moreover, if you are a fan of western customs, the game will be a good friendly reminder of the country, customs, and people. This game, due to its high demand, has an online format as well where multi players can meet and play together.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

There is another top-notch game every gamer knows about which is GTA V. GTA series is one of a kind. The series started a long time ago and it has come a pretty long way with GTA V. The difference between GTA V with its predecessor is certainly very significant. GTA V is another open-world gameplay that is an action-adventure genre game. One crucial point to note regarding this game is that there are three main characters in the play and you can play each one of them.

You have the option to change between characters as per your wish until specific moments of the main storyline. At those moments, a certain character will need to be played. This is the beauty of the story plot. The way you play the three characters one at a time to arrive at the climax is an amazing new gaming experience. You have the freedom to play this and lead your game life one day at a time.

You can eat, get a haircut, race, and more. It provides options for the stock market exchange which may even make you a millionaire if you have the knowledge and luck. With all those points, missing this game is not good. GTA V also has an online gaming platform named “GTA Online”, where you can play with other players from other countries for a specific activity.

Many Game Types and Needs for Playing to Learn about Your Taste

There are many other games from different genres for you to play.  Like you can opt for shooting ones like Halo, Rainbow Six Siege, and the Resident Evil series. If you are into racing games, you can try Forza Horizon 4, the Need for Speed series. You will need to play and learn about your taste in gaming and then you can find out more about those types of games in detail.

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