The Best PDF Reading, PDF Editing, and PDF Scanning Apps You Must Have on your iPhone to Speed Up and Simplify your Workflow

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Annotate, Scan, & Send PDFs

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a true classic in the PDF genre, and anyone that’s ever used a computer or a smartphone has come across the granddaddy of all PDF readers. Getting access to Adobe Acrobat Reader’s more advanced features requires a subscription, but you can still perform plenty of tasks with the app’s free version. These tasks include opening PDF documents with a single tap from any app compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader, performing in-document searches, reviewing and annotating PDFs using drawing tools and sticky notes, highlighting text, scanning anything using your phone’s camera and Adobe Acrobat’s integrated image-enhancing tools and save it as a PDF, filling out and signing PDF forms, and storing and sharing files using your Adobe Document Cloud account. The aforementioned advanced features – such as editing PDF files on your iPad, creating PDF files, or exporting PDF files to Word or Excel – are perfect for those with a heavier workload, and are available for a monthly subscription fee starting at $9.99.

Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner to Scan Document, Receipt & Fax

Tiny Scanner is a free, storage space-friendly app dedicated to scanning basically anything and turning it into a professional-looking PDF document. Tiny Scanner comes equipped with useful tools galore, putting the majority of similar apps – especially free PDF scanners – to shame. Depending on the task at hand, you can decide whether you want to scan in black and white, grayscale, or color, and even set 5 levels of contrast to get easy-on-your eyes, outstandingly crisp monochrome texts. You can set a wide range of page sizes so that the dimensions of your PDF fit the requirements of the specific document type you’re looking to create. Tiny Scanner has automated page detection, meaning you don’t have to fiddle with text alignment. Once your PDF is done, you can safeguard it by setting up a passcode, and in case you’re scanning documents in vast quantities, you can quick search your PDF collection by document title to find the one you’re looking for.

GoodReader – PDF Reader, Annotator and File Manager

Used by millions worldwide and lauded as one of the best and most versatile PDF apps by prestigious tech review sites, GoodReader is a powerful tool with a plethora of features extending well beyond the capabilities of similar applications, as it also serves as a file manager and email attachments manager, keeping your iPhone perfectly tidy. With GoodReader, you can open, edit, and sign any PDF document that you stumble upon in the digital realm, create annotations with highlighting, sticky notes, your very own freehand drawings, lines, rectangles, and an abundance of various geometric forms. GoodReader is able to handle other file formats – TXT, HTML, MS Office -, can zip and unzip compressed files, and makes sharing, accessing, and transferring files via relevant platforms – e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive – a breeze. Thanks to a recent update, you can now modify individual pages of PDF documents any way your heart desires (rearranging, rotating, deleting, extracting, just to name a few), and an additional pair of features in the form of splitting and merging documents is also at your disposal. To top it all off with a fun little quirk that is sure to delight musicians, because if your foot pedals support Bluetooth, you can now turn the pages of sheet music or song lyrics using nothing but your pedals. GoodReader costs $4.99, and if you think that’s not the ultimate bang-for-your-buck deal as it pertains to PDF apps, we rest our case.

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