The Best Shopping Apps You Must Have on your iPhone for the Holiday Season

Mona – Personal Shopping for 1300+ Brands

Mona is an IA-based, intelligent shopping assistant app that helps you find the best deals that your favorite clothing brands have to offer. The more you make use of Mona’s services, the more she’ll learn about your style and taste based on your shopping tendencies. When you’re looking for something specific, just send Mona on a shopping mission, and she’ll thoroughly explore more than 250 online stores within the blink of an eye to find you the most jaw-dropping discounts the internet has to offer. Mona also brings you a daily top 20 of the best personalized promotions, a one-click checkout system, and free shipping on all orders.

Flipp – Weekly Ads, Shopping List, and Coupons

Holiday season equals holiday meals equal you have to buy groceries enough for an army to feed the whole family. With Flipp, your holiday grocery shopping spree becomes a saving spree as Flipp brings you the best weekly deals and coupons from more than 800 retailers. You can search Flipp’s database based on brands, items, and retailers, put together your own shopping list to find the best deal for each item, and use the Discount Slider to discover the discounts you can’t miss out on.

Etsy: Shop Handmade, Vintage, and Creative Goods

If you’re looking for unique gifts, Etsy should be your go-to platform. Etsy is the largest global marketplace of one-of-a-kind, handmade goods you won’t come across anywhere else – especially not in retail store giants online or offline. Etsy’s curated selection ranges from plush toys through jewelry to various pieces of art, clothing, and even furniture. Etsy’s marketplace is home to a worldwide community of over 20 million craftsmen and craftswomen, making it easy for you to find unique gifts for your loved ones.

Touch of Modern: Shopping

Talking of unique, Touch of Modern: Shopping brings you an unparalleled selection of designer goods – including clothing, accessories, furniture, and electronics – at up to 80 percent off of retail prices. Some of the deals Touch of Modern delivers straight to your iPhone might seem too good to be true, but you’d better believe your eyes, because all of these discounts are legit! Whether you’re looking for a stylish pilot’s watch, a case for your brand new iPhone 7, or a designer leather jacket, Touch of Modern serves the best deals on a silver platter, while also keeping you in the loop with daily items and offers.


Good things come to those who wait, and so it seems for us dedicated shoppers of Nordstrom. In 2011, our favorite high-class yet semi-affordable department store released a stellar shopping app for procuring our favorite designer brands on-the-go. Use it while shopping at the store to scan the bar code and find items online or in another store in your size that aren’t available at your current location. No more waiting on a sales associate. It’s do-it-yourself Nordstrom shopping complete with customer reviews and wish list building capabilities. A chic, stocked “Style Watch” section will also ensure you are buying on trend.

Best Decision

Do you have a core group of friends that you can always count on to give you a good product recommendation? This app takes product recommendation to the next level by integrating with Facebook so you and your friends and family can share opinions on items before you purchase them. It’s a social shopping circle on your iPhone. The Best Decision app is free and also includes a barcode scanner that is always handy for locating items across several stores and online.

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