The Best Skateboarding Games All Skaters Must Have on their iPhone

Skater – Skate Legendary Spots – Perfect Board Control

This award-winning game was designed by skaters for skaters with contributions from the sport’s most sought-after brands, which is really noticeable on the outstanding end result. Skater is a touch-based skating game in which you can directly control your shoes and your board using your device’s touch screen. Skater lauds itself as the first skateboarding game boasting the entire range of skate tricks in all three stances from the most basic Ollie, flip, grind, and slide variations to nearly-impossible spectacles requiring precise footwork. Thanks to the 20 industry-leading brands, you can customize your kicks and your ride according to your preferences. To add another layer of authenticity, Skater features true-to-life, legendary spots that are some of the most well-known in the sport’s history.

Touchgrind Skate 2

In Touchgrind Skate 2, you can skate like a pro using only two fingers! The innovative controls allow you to pull off eye-popping combos, though, just like as it is with real skateboarding, mastering more complicated tricks will require patience and practice – but rest assured that you’ll enjoy every second of it! Touchgrind Skate 2 has four game modes: Competition mode in which you have to get the highest score in a limited amount of time, Jam Session, which lets you roam free and wild, Training mode to fine-tune your skills, and the turn-based multiplayer S.K.A.T.E. to show off what you’ve learned to your friends.

Skate Lines

Skate Lines is a minimalist masterpiece in all its aspects. The visuals lack all unnecessary elements yet still pull off the feat of being stylish and unique by juxtaposing contrasting colors and by putting the emphasis on what actually matters: depicting skateboarding trick in a realistic way. In Skate Lines, you can boost your runs with 36 ground tricks that you can pull of in three stances (regular, fakie, and nollie), and also combine them with a variety of rotations to add even more flavor. An assortment of slides and grinds – 14 of them, to be exact – are also at your command, ensuring not only the cavalcade of trick combinations but also Skate Line’s longevity.

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