The Best Trivia Games All Quiz Addicts Must Have on their iPhone

Trivia Crack

Arguably the most well-known and most downloaded trivia game for iPhone, Trivia Crack is a matchup-based game in which you can challenge your friends to trivia duels. Questions come at you from six different categories, and they are selected absolutely randomly with the assistance of Willy, a jovial spinner wheel boasting a colorful personality. The goal is to collect six so-called crowns by acing all six categories, which will probably require some practice, but as they say, that is what makes perfect, which rings as true as it gets in the case of trivia games. Trivia Crack comes equipped with hundreds of thousands of questions in over 20 game languages, meaning it’s not a game you’ll get bored of anytime soon.

MovieCat 2 – The Movie Trivia Game Sequel

MovieCat 2 is the sequel of the favorite movie trivia game of cat people worldwide, MovieCat. MovieCat took home the Best Trivia App Ever Award, so MovieCat 2 had enormous shoes to fill – should we say shoes fitted for the mitts of a tiger? As for what the actual game brings to the table, it has more than 1,000 text-based and visual puzzles featuring the same cute, cat-centered design which the prequel employed and which captured the hearts of feline fanatics and movie maniacs within the blink of an eye. Thanks to the aforementioned, uniquely adorable design and the astonishing assortment of puzzle types, MovieCat 2 is really hard to put down, so if you happen to be a cat guardian, your very own Mittens might grow jealous of the attention you devote to the game.


Although QuizUp is brought to you by the Plain Vanilla Corp, there’s nothing plain about this award-winning trivia game based on multiplayer gameplay. As expected, QuizUp allows you to challenge your friends to a quiz-off, but what’s less expected is that you can find likeminded people by performing searches based on location, age, and interest. This feature is unprecedented in this subsection of the trivia game genre, and serves as a breeze of fresh of air in an otherwise rather homogenous selection. Besides challenging friends and likeminded minds, you can opt for random duels, and you can also contribute to lively topic communities and immerse yourself in vibrant, inspiring discussions.

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