The Best Voice Changer Apps You Must Have on your iPhone to Trick your Friends, Family, and Colleagues

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There are a set of unwritten rules to being an ethical prankster, as you have to find the delicate balance that makes for a unique, funny, yet not overly offensive or over-the-line cruel joke. You also have to be conscious of the personality of your prankee, because no two people are the same, meaning not everyone can take a joke equally well. Due to the latter fact, it is better to choose a so-to-say victim you’re familiar with, although the more daring can unleash their pranking prowess on complete strangers – especially if the prank’s chosen medium is the telephone, which provides a level of anonymity and security for the perpetrator. The easiest way of pulling off a quality prank call is making use of the services of a voice changer app for iPhone – the best of which you can now get acquainted with thanks to the compilation below.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”1″ title=”Voice Changer Plus”]

voicechangerplusAlthough Voice Changer Plus is not capable of changing your voice real-time, in-call, it comes equipped with a respectable amount of voice effects and background sounds – 55 altogether, to be exact -, allowing you to pre-record your prank calls according to a carefully constructed script. Speed up or slow down your voice, make it sound like as if you’ve been inhaling alarming amounts of helium 24/7, recreate one of Bane’s or Darth Vader’s villainous monologues, or put an eerily haunting twist on your speech to give the pour soul on the other end of the line the absolute creeps. You can even torture the ears of your prankee with some of the worst singing they’ve ever heard thanks to the Bad Melody and Bad Harmony features.

[sc name=”numlist” number=”2″ title=”Call Voice Changer IntCall – Make Funny Phone Calls!”]

intcallHere’s an app that pranksters from all walks of life will lick their chops over. IntCall denotes itself as the funniest app in the world, citing the more than 8 million downloads it has amassed since its release. With a single tap, you can change the pitch of your voice real-time, sending it to shrieking heights or monstrous depths, or, speaking of monsters, make it sound goosebumps-inducingly creepy. You can season your calls with a sizeable selection of spicy sound effects – bells, toilet flush, gong, and a variety of animal sounds to name just a few -, and further confuse your poor prankee with foreign language greetings. According to IntCall, “redneck” is eventually a foreign language, which might not be a linguistically proven fact, but even if it’s a pseudo-fact, it definitely has comic value. Upon downloading IntCall, you’ll get a few free minutes, but once you’ve used them up, you’ll have to purchase more prank call time starting at $0.99 per five minutes.
[sc name=”numlist” number=”3″ title=”Celebrity Voice Changer – Funny Voice FX Soundboard Free”]

celebrityvoicechargerHave you ever wanted to sound like say, Walter White, Darth Vader, or God forbid George W. Bush? We have no idea why anyone would strive for the latter, but voice changing is just like anything else – i.e. different strokes for different folks, and we’re not here to judge, anyway. As for what Celebrity Voice Changer brings to the table, well, it brings exactly what you think it does, changing your voice to that of various famous and infamous celebrities, TV show characters, and politicians. Celebrity Voice Changer has amazingly mixed AppStore reviews, so before upgrading to premium for a one-off purchase of $9.99, make sure you give it a good test run.

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