The Easiest Way to Buy Groceries

Instacart: Grocery Delivery (iOS/Android)

As nearly everything can be delivered with on-demand carriers, groceries are no different with Instacart. By being able to skip the hassle and lines associated with grocery shopping, users simply choose what they want from the app and then the delivery time. The stores that the app currently supports are most major grocery chains to include Target, Costco, and Whole Foods. Furthermore, the specific arrival time can be chosen as it could be scheduled for within the same day at a specific time or any other day of the week. One of the smartest features of the app is that shopping lists can be saved so that recurring purchases are more automated and items are not forgotten. In being able to see exclusive discounts that are only available through Instacart, it is one of the best apps available in terms of having groceries a streamlined grocery shopping experience.

Beelivery: Grocery Delivery (iOS/Android)

Similar to Instacart, Beelivery is an app that delivers food from nearby grocery chains in record time. Boasting deliveries between 20-60 minutes, users are able to get exactly what they want within the hour, faster than most delivery services that cater to groceries. In an Uber-like interface, users of the app are able to see exactly where their driver is with a real-time map to know how much longer it will be until their delivery arrives. Although the service is relatively new, delivery is possible across many regions of the UK and is likely to expand given the growing demand for grocery delivery services.

Uber Eats: Local Food Delivery (iOS/Android)

With one of the largest networks of on-demand drivers, it is no surprise that Uber Eats has expanded beyond a taxi service to encompass food delivery. Although the service does not purchase groceries as with the other apps listed on this article, Uber Eats delivers food from a wide range of stores in a matter of minutes. Using maps to locate where the drivers are, users can tell where their drivers are and how long it would be until the food gets to its destination. As the number of drivers on the Uber network is so large, this service can be accessed in nearly all of the places where Uber is currently available which rivals the UK presence that Beelivery has, although this is primarily for fast foods as opposed to groceries.

HappyFresh – Grocery Delivery (iOS/Android)

For those who are in the Asian region, HappyFresh caters to regular grocery shoppers by enabling online shopping. In selecting the product, delivery time, and then payment method, the process of shopping online is made extremely easy. Furthermore, what differentiates HappyFresh from the other apps listed in this article are the trained delivery people who select the highest quality products as well as the wide selection that is offered to include over 60,000 products. One of the best aspects of HappyFresh is that users are encouraged to check the food once it arrives so that if there are any complaints or irregularities, returns can be done without any hassles. For those who are in Asia, this app is one of the best and most comprehensive grocery delivery apps available where the other ones may not deliver to this particular region.

Given that grocery shopping is a recurring chore that takes a significant amount of time and energy, being able to order it online reduces the inconvenience associated with the commutes, wait lines, and navigating large stores. With the apps listed in this article, users can have groceries and food delivered to them at any time no matter where they are, reducing the burden associated with having to go and buy groceries on a regular basis.

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