The intelligent Fluent News Reader best iPhone app for news junkies

Any news junkie should look no further than the free Fluent News Reader iPhone app when it comes to a news aggregator for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Fluent News Reader displays a list of new stories like many other news apps, but what is different is its smart grouping of articles. Next to a popular story, users will see a button showing a number and a related word. Tap this to see all the other versions of these news stories from different sources, including The Washington Post, Time, TMZ, BBC and Sports Illustrated. You can choose to read the story from your favorite source—or on particularly polarizing topics, find a different viewpoint elsewhere.

The app’s startup is relatively slow, but the load time of stories is quick. Articles are pulled from mobile Web sites, so they’re optimized for reading on your iPhone, plus you can read stories in landscape mode or in full screen. Offline reading is also supported. Fluent News Reader has built-in Facebook and Twitter sharing, or you can save articles in-app for later reading.

Premium access to Fluent News Reader is available for $1.99 per month, or $2.99 per quarter, and gives users the ability to create unlimited custom sections and source filtering. The free version provides the creation of up to three custom content sections, and the ability to promote one source and disable one source.

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