These Android apps wise for smart shoppers

Shopping while on the go can be stressful, though smart phone apps are beginning to make local product research easier.  Android in particular is becoming a useful resource for searching for product reviews and cheaper prices, as well as acting as digital versions of your coupon carrier and  membership discount card holder.

Here are some Android apps that can keep you efficient while running errands, organizing your shopping lists, and managing your budget.

Android app scanners and reviews

CNET has a free Android app that scans bar codes with your camera phone and links you to relevant reviewer data.  You can see the CNET Editor’s Review for available items, add them to your wish list and find local retailers that are selling the item you are researching.

Another bar code scanner comes from the Amazon Android app, which will pull up related items on its own Web site that are available for purchase.  For regular Amazon users, this free Android app is nice to have. Amazon is oftentimes the cheapest option for purchasing an item, so direct access to your Amazon account makes it easier save money and get what you want.

Android apps for mobile, digital coupons

Who carries around coupon organizers anymore? Especially now that you can use your Android phone to carry nearly every coupon you’ll ever need.  The My Coupons Android app (free) will search coupons for nearby venues. Sort by date, food type and store name. Great to use while running errands.

If your key chain has more membership cards than keys, try the Key Ring Reward Cards Android app (free).  Android users can scan their membership card bar codes and use their saved digital copies.  The Reward Cards Android app supports a few hundred retailers, helping you simplify your errands and savings.

Android apps to help manage your shopping behavior

Frequent Craigslist shoppers may appreciate this Android app.  The free CraigsNotifica for Android delivers notifications for items you’d like to track on the popular classifieds site. If you’re shopping on the go, this list may become an exciting activity that helps you save money as well.

Shopping Manager (free) isn’t the prettiest list tool for Android, but this Android app has some useful features.  Categorize lists and organize them according to store and category.  Tags can also be assigned to items and categories, with shopping stats for various items also available. Shopping Manager has a lot of manual set up, but is good for people who like order.

The Shopulator Android app will also keep tabs on your shopping list, but it is more focused on keeping your budget intact as well.  This free Android app calculates your total as you shop, ensuring that your grocery cart doesn’t exceed your checking account before you get to the checkout line.

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