This Microphone App Promotes Social Distancing

This Microphone App Promotes Social Distancing

Social distancing is an important strategy for combating coronavirus. Use the SOUNDBIRD app to spread out your group. With the SOUNDBIRD app, you can use your phone as a microphone and the phones of others as speakers.


Produced by Openbuild Co. in San Mateo, California, SOUNDBIRD utilizes location and profiles to eliminate the need for links and invites in order to connect with other users. Instead, you open the app and start a broadcast from the home screen. You will then create a profile and start your broadcast stream.  

For those wanting to join the stream, you will view the list of profiles from the home screen and tap the profile of the people you would like to join in. 

SOUNDBIRD can replace a traditional microphone PA system in many situations. Use the app at an outdoor event, in a large conference room, to guide a tour, at a party, or any situation where there is an audience with phones. 

The proprietary technology of the microphone app is centered around limiting the delay or latency from the broadcaster to the listener, or the time it takes sound to go from one device to another. In most video chat apps and ordinary phone calls, the delay can be up to 3 seconds.  The latency in SOUNDBIRD is milliseconds in comparison.  

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