Three Petite Hotels That Put Adventure And Soul Back Into Your Stay

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Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs, CA

Shelby Knick

Inspired by legendary journeys of endurance like the Camino de Santiago, Auric Road presents a new collection of resort experiences joined by a single common thread of adventure. Known as “petite” resorts, the three boutique hotels featured below embody the importance of staying present in the moment and forging a lasting connection to your destination. Each location invites you to participate in onsite tours, events and activities unique to the landscape and history surrounding your chosen stay. Intimacy is key, and thanks to small scale operations and attentive staff, the Auric Road story becomes yours to write. Whether you find yourself deep in the heart of Western Montana’s wooded slopes or breathing in a salty breeze on the California coast, follow Auric Road to get to the crux of what it means to travel honestly, boldly, and openly.

Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana

Alyssa Henry

Lone Mountain Ranch

Big Sky, Montana

The collection’s Lone Mountain Ranch, located in Big Sky, Montana, spans nearly 150 acres of forest and field, with thirty log cabins scattered throughout. Your cabin stay comes complete with luxury amenities, a gourmet introduction to Horn & Cantle Restaurant’s specialty menu and easy access to Yellowstone National Park. Depending on the season, plan your visit around guided hikes, mountain bike expeditions, water sports, and yoga instruction. Or, forgo all planning and let the ranch take over; get inspired day by day and your custom itinerary will begin to take shape.

Horseback riding at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana

Alyssa Henry

Lone Mountain Ranch is an original homestead dating back to 1915, before Big Sky or even Yellowstone were known as America’s premier leisure destinations. Hospitality is ingrained in Lone Mountain’s culture, as is true Montana spirit; take the time to get to know local staff as you are introduced to your temporary home. The ranch is part of Auric Road because it is a voyage within a destination. You haven’t really arrived at Lone Mountain until you’ve experienced the land around it, and the resort aims to help you do so profoundly and intentionally.

Korakia Pensione. Palm Springs, CA

Shelby Knick

Korakia Pensione

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs’ Korakia Pensione is similarly connected to a lasting and eclectic history, having begun as 1920’s painter Gordon Coutts’ Moroccan haven in the California desert. Blending Meditarranean and North African architecture, Korakia offers two sets of villas to choose from, all equipped with highly modern amenities and open, naturally lit rooms. After a freshly cooked breakfast, intersperse your day with massages, unlimited cruiser bicycle use, two salt water pools, and a Moroccan Tea hour meant to help you wind down and reflect.

Bocce ball at Korakia Pensione. Palm Springs, CA

Shelby Knick

Korakia is designed for you to move through the space in serenity, paying attention to the little things along the way. Small, thoughtful touches transport you across the Atlantic as you immerse yourself in the desert climate. Enjoy a vibrant courtyard and gardens, especially at dusk, when the tiled paths are hand-lit by candles and outdoor films remind you of bygone eras. In tune with the Auric Road message, Korakia makes sure you stay captivated enough to let the outside world go. By the end of your stay, you’ll be enthralled with the way the Pensione beckons romance, mystery and allure, carrying you far beyond Palm Springs in the process. 

Hotel Joaquin. A Petite Seaside Resort in Laguna Beach, CA

Roger Davies

Hotel Joaquin

Laguna Beach, California

An emblem of Spanish- Californian culture and oceanside living, Hotel Joaquin is a Laguna Beach classic despite only having been renovated to its current state three years ago. Its rooms are designed with modern European influence, emphasizing the hotel’s virtues; the sun and the sea. Natural light streams through, brightening each space and illuminating your ocean view. Wake up feeling fresh, and head to Saline for a breakfast featuring innovative coastal dishes. The on-site restaurant also welcomes you to lunch, dinner, and cocktails anytime. If the waves are calling you, take advantage of the hotel’s “Swimming in Symbols'' retreat, an ethereal two day whale-watching tour designed to view sea life from a creative and inquisitive perspective. Your stay will center around inner discovery as you navigate the airy, elegant indoor and outdoor spaces. Clear your mind as you settle in, and whenever you’re ready, Hotel Joaquin will be there to accompany you on a newfound adventure. 

Relax poolside at Hotel Joaquin. A Petite Seaside Resort in Laguna Beach, CA

Roger Davies

Auric Road’s petite hotel collection is an atlas, leading you to some of the country’s best known destinations via the road less traveled. Vacation in style, comfort, and luxury, but with the added authenticity of local history, timeless treks into nature, and individual interactions. Stay small but think big, and open up to forming your path along the way. There’s always room to learn, change, and grow, especially when you choose experience over expectation with any of Auric Road’s featured hotels and resorts.

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