Tips for Siri and Google Assistant

Configuring Siri

To configure the settings of Siri so that it is more customized than the default version, users can simply activate Siri by calling “Hey Siri” and then saying “Open Siri Settings”. In this screen, users are then given the option to customize different settings such as how it is activated as well as where Siri is able to access in terms of searches. With this, users are able to specify that Siri can search across different apps such as the App Store and even social media apps. Furthermore, the voices and languages for Siri can be altered within this menu so that it is a male voice or speaks a different language.

Unlocking the Phone with Google Assistant

A feature that not many people are familiar with in terms of Google Assistant is that they are able to unlock their phone by simply saying OK Google. However, what makes this feature unique is that it will only unlock the device once it recognizes a users voice, otherwise nothing will happen. In order to enable this, users first need to go into their Settings app, Security, and then Smart Lock. From there, users can select Trusted Voice at which point the phone will be unlocked when it recognizes a users voice to activate Google Assistant.

Remembering Where Things Are with Google Assistant

One method to remember where things are is to tell Google Assistant so that it can be asked for later. For example, if a user wants Google Assistant to remember that they left their keys on the kitchen counter, they can simply tell Google to remember that the keys are on the counter. Later, if users forget where it is, they can ask Google “Where are the keys?” at which point Google will remind them. Using this method, those who are forgetful of where things are placed are able to utilize Google Assistant as a source of memory.

Basic Math and ETA for Siri

Some features that that are available for Siri include basic math and telling a user about their ETA (estimated time of arrival) for their destination. Although these are basic functions that users are easily able to find out on their own either with the maps app or the calculator, being able to ask Siri makes the information convenient and easy to access. While no special commands need to be said in order to activate these functions, users simply need to ask Siri a math question or for their ETA. However, these are not as widely known to many iPhone users who still want to get the information while Siri would be able to tell them in a matter of seconds.

Daily Summaries with Google Assistant

Through the daily summaries that can be given by Google Assistant, users are able to customize the kind of information that they are interested in receiving when they want it. For example, through the summaries, users can ask “What does my day look like?” at which point Google Assistant will return the information that they are interested in. With this, users are able to specify whether, calendar events, work commute, meetings, and even news. In having all of the information given to the user instantly when it is requested, this feature becomes extremely useful for those who want a quick briefing.

Selfies with Google Assistant

A feature that is not commonly known among Android users is that Google Assistant is able to help take pictures without requiring a manual click of the shutter button. With this, users simply need to tell Google Assistant to “take a selfie” at which point the camera will open and automatically take a picture within 3 seconds. In automatically taking a picture, users do not need to do anything themselves and can therefore better position the photo, making it one of the best Google Assistant features that are not commonly known for those who often take selfies.

Call Emergency Services with Siri

In an emergency situation, a user may not have the ability to call for emergency services through the regular phone app. As a result, users are able to utilize Siri to make calls and more importantly, calls to emergency services without ever needing to touch their phone. While it can be useful to be able to make regular calls through Siri, being able to make emergency calls is a feature that should be known by all phone users as not all emergency situations will permit the user to call for help themselves and so Siri could be used in critical situations.

For those who are looking for ways in which to better master either Siri or Google Assistant, this article discusses some of the best tips and tricks that can help make it more powerful. From those that are designed to ease different functions or increase customization settings, these different tips and tricks are able to let users unlock the true potential of the voice-assistance features on their respective devices.

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