Top 5 “Addicting” simple games

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so simple and so addicting…get the red box out….idk how much time I spend completing level after level and each one is just as exciting as last



if you have ever played real SkeeBall you know the addiction…and the app is no different…you play skee ball and earn tickets to redeem for prizes and build your collection…



Simple idea….bank off at least one wall and into target area….but its starts getting harder and just when you think you will break your high miss..ARRGGHHHH



draw lines to make your little guy get to target area….precision is key in this game..and even when you fail and fail and can’t put it down b/c “this time i’ve got it” lol



One of the first (if not the first) of the jumping up the screen games….so simple minded but when I’ve got a spare minute or 2 I try to see if i can break high score!


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