Top 5 Card Games Available Right Now

Don’t own a deck of cards? No worries! You can play all of your favorite card games on your phone or tablet. Even if friends are busy, you can play against other online players and even your phone (for those annoying internet down times).

Below are five card games that you won’t be able to stop playing:

Solitaire (iOS)

Solitaire is an addicting game that keeps you playing for hours trying to complete level after level. Take part in unique daily challenges and see if you can complete the challenge and win a crown for the day, the more crowns you win the higher your chance of winning a trophy at the end of the month. Theme packs allow you to customize your gaming playing experience, including background packs and different card sets. Solitaire even comes with iMessage stickers so that you can share your card playing fun with friends.

Ono Multiplayer Offline Card – Play with Friends (Android)

Ono takes the popular card game Uno and adds its own mobile twist that is fun for all the family. Your goal match cards by color or number and be the first to empty your hand, while also making it as difficult as possible for your opponents to empty their hand. Ono quickly turns into a crazy card game where everyone is plotting and altering the rules all in a bid to win. Force your opponents to draw two cards on their next turn or even skip their next turn, watch as their hands fill up with cards and you empty your hand to win the game.

Spider Solitaire (Android)

Spider, everyone’s favorite solitaire card game is now available on your phone, no longer do you have to spend valuable playing time setting up your cards because you phone does all the hard work for you so that you can sit back and enjoy the fun. Choose between classic mode and puzzle mode where you can work your way through multiple levels, advancing to all four suits, to see just how good your card skills really are.

Gin Rummy Plus (iOS, Android)

Play Gin Rummy with millions of other online players and compete to become the ultimate Gin Rummy player. The aim of the game score points by forming melds of cards in sets of either 3 or 4 and reach the target score before your opponents to win the game. Take part in exclusive events such as free chip events and exciting new game modes to win even more chips. Challenge your friends to a game of Gin Rummy and battle it out for the title of Gin Master

Go Fish (iOS, Android)

Go Fish one of the most popular card games for children and adults alike, extremely easy to pick up and is sure to lead to hours of non-stop fun. Now Go Fish can be played as a single player game, perfect for passing the time on a long commute and especially for keeping children happy and quite for many hours. Play against a range of hilarious AI and see whether you can form the most pairs to win the game. Can you make it to the worldwide leaderboards and become the Go Fish champion!


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