Top iOS Apps for Learning How to Cook

BigOven 350,000+ Recipes and Grocery List

One of the biggest barriers for many people to start cooking is that the recipes and ingredients are too complicated to understand. With so many different recipes, remembering the different proportions, cooking times, and procedures can be extremely daunting to both those who are regular chefs and those who are new. To eliminate this issue, BigOven boasts over 350,000 different recipes that are detailed enough to help users create the dishes of their desire while still remaining simple enough so that the instructions are not overly complicated. With so many different recipes, finding a particular one that a user is interested in can be difficult so the app introduces an advanced search feature that lets a user search for their desired recipe by name or ingredients. One of the best aspects of BigOven is that with the list of ingredients that are presented, a shopping list is automatically created and can be synced onto existing shopping lists. In this, BigOven offers an end-to-end solution when it comes to cooking that can present the recipes as well as the ingredients in an easy-to-follow manner.

Recipe Keeper

As opposed to following the recipes of others, Recipe Keeper is designed to help users keep their own recipes in a single place that is easy to share with others. The app allows the users to record exactly how their dishes are made so that it is easier to organize various meals and ingredients by category. Details can also be added to the ingredients such as the amount of time that the overall recipe takes or even how long a certain aspect of the cooking process should be. With this, a significant amount of detail can be recorded with the app so that the recipe can be quickly understood by those who are looking to replicate the meal. As with BigOven, Recipe Keeper also has the ability to sync with other shopping list apps so that the process of purchasing the necessary ingredients is simple and automated. One of the best features of the app is that meals can be planned well in advance with the calendar integration so that those who like to plan their cooking schedules can do so, making it one of the best apps for veteran and novice chefs alike.

RecipeCloud – The Best Recipe Organizer

For those who are starting out with cooking for the first time, RecipeCloud is an app which can provide a strong foundation. For example, users are able to discover new recipes as well as follow their favorite chefs or friends. With this, users can finally get a step-by-step guide on how to create the dishes that they see. For the recipes that are more personal, the app can also store secret recipes or formulas so that only the user has access to it. RecipeCloud differentiates itself from competitors by integrating an image for nearly every step in the cooking process so that those who are new are able to see what the foods should look like at various points. With the ability to search for recipes based on ingredients, category, or food group, Recipe Cloud is one of the highest recommended apps for those who are less experienced.

Mealime – Healthy Meal Plans

As users start learning how to cook, a common mistake that is made is that continuously cooking the same meals can quickly be boring and repetitive. For those who are too busy to think of a new meal each day, Mealime makes it simple to plan out meals over a period of time with recipes that are quick and easy to follow. By focusing on meals that take only 30 minutes or less to prepare, even the busiest individuals can prepare unique meals on a regular basis. One of the best features of Mealime is that the exact ingredients do not have to be collected in order to make the meal as multiple substitutes to the ingredients are presented. With the ability to get an in-depth review of each ingredient as well as access to an assortment of specialty diets,  Mealime is a necessity for those who wish to learn cooking but are short on time or have dietary restrictions.

Wholesome – Healthy eating

For those are health conscious, Wholesome is the most comprehensive tool for details about nearly all foods. By breaking various foods down to their molecular levels, users know exactly what kind of nutrients they would be receiving. Each food is supported with images along with an analysis of why the particular food is important, recommended intake levels, and symptoms of deficiency. With all of these facts that are presented, Wholesome is one of the best apps for those who are concerned about their intake levels of various foods or just interested in what their foods contain on a molecular level. Given the level of comprehension that is given despite the complex nature of the information, the app is highly recommended for a greater degree of understanding of in terms of the details regarding their foods.

Given the vastness of the foods that are available, cooking can be a daunting task to those who are just starting out or a tedious chore for those who are more experienced. While the process of planning, purchasing, and cooking can be a significant barrier to starting, the apps listed in this article can streamline many of the processes to make it a more enjoyable, rewarding, and less costly experience.

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