Top Productivity Apps for iOS


30/30 is an extremely engaging productivity app for iOS which puts one’s to-do list on a timer as a means of imposing a deadline on tasks to motive its users. These includes nearly any task such as learning how to create a website from scratch or finishing homework where those using the app are looking for a concrete deadline to meet where there may not be one. The premise of the app is to break down large projects and work into smaller, more manageable tasks so that each task takes roughly 30 minutes to complete. With only 30 minute tasks, concentration and retention is greatly increased without too much strain on the mind. Furthermore, 30/30 does not limit a person to choosing a 30-minute increment, but they can add up to 10 days’ worth of tasks to their lists as well as set the time they want to spend on each item. With a great deal of flexibility, the deadline of tasks are marked by ringing or buzzing of the phone so that users know that it is time to move onto the next task.

Schedule Planner

Aiding its users to manage their tasks by priority and category, Schedule Planner is a must-have daily planning assistant that can significantly help in streamlining the process and ensure that users maximize their productivity. The app features a simple user interface which enables users to make day plans from scratch or through editing plans from their existing calendars to save on time. To intelligently check on where the most time is being spent and where improvements can be made, Schedule Planner offers an excellent feature which creates visual charts so that it is easy to understand what is being dedicated the most time compared what is priority on the schedule. Furthermore, the app also allows users to create custom alerts, move items with simple cut-and-paste functionality, or repeat tasks that must be completed on a regular basis. For those who have multiple devices, syncing up the calendar and planner between the other devices is easy as the Sync options give the opportunity to use the cloud to make a universal account where data in the app can be shared across any supported device.

24me Smart Personal Assistant: Calendar & Tasks

Combining the productive nature of effective planning for the short and long term into a single app, 24me Smart Personal Assistant is an easy-to-use app which is aimed at assisting users in getting things done. With a simple design that is extremely easy to navigate, users can set reminders for each of their errands, events, and tasks whether it is for the near future or as a day-to-day activity. This ensures that both the long term and short term goals can be met through the use of a single app instead of ones that are polarizing and only focus on one of the timeframes. Through the implementation of notifications and badges, 24 Me Smart Personal Assistant is extremely practical for keeping goals on track and its users as productive as possible in meeting these goals.

Microsoft PowerPoint

As one of the most well-known presentation tools available, the mobile application for Microsoft PowerPoint is able to help users significantly improve their work productivity while on-the-go. With a number of built-in themes and backgrounds, users can create, edit, or view their presentations without the need for the desktop computer. The app allows for importing of photos, sounds, as well as other multi-media files to create high quality presentation whether for class or a business meeting. Although mobile devices have smaller screen that can be more difficult to navigate, the PowerPoint app is made in such a way that the format stays the same even when transferred to a computer. Furthermore, the app has been created to look and feel familiar to the desktop application so that there is no learning curve involved. Given that PowerPoints are one of the most popular tools that are used for presentations, this app is immensely applicable to all users.


While creating documents and reports are often regarded as boring and daunting tasks, Pages is able to help in creating stunning documents extremely quickly. Developed by Apple, the app embodies excellent design and performance to help make reports more visually appealing. Starting in Pages is made to be easy with Apple-designed templates that have pre-set tools, styles, and fonts that work well together so that users are only required to insert the content into the document. Beyond this, it is easy to also customize the documents by inserting charts, movies, and images. Documents can be further reviewed with comments, highlights, tracked changes and even saved to iCloud so that they are made accessible on other Apple devices. One of the best features of Pages is that real-time collaboration is possible so that entire teams are capable of working together at the same time on their iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or Mac. As an upgraded version of Microsoft Word, Pages can significantly enhance the report or document that can be boring to both read and write to encourage greater engagement and productivity.

From scheduling work that needs to be done to tools that actually help with getting work done, thousands of apps have been developed on the App Store that are able to turn mobile devices into a powerful tool. To help in maximizing productivity when not near a desktop computer, the apps listed in this article can provide a tremendous amount of value in terms of getting work done while on-the-go.

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