Track your calories but then what?

The Tap & Track – Calorie, Weight, and Exercise Tracker app does just what the name implies–it provides a ledger and chart system to track your weight and the things that affect it, namely calories and exercise. While useful for experienced calorie counters, the health and fitness app leaves out so many details that some might find it difficult to use.

The app instructs you to create a personal profile and uses that information to calculate how many calories you’d burn from the listed exercises along with how many calories you should eat in a given day. But Tap & Track is really just a notepad, as exercises are not detailed or explained. If you have experience with calorie counters, it’s fine, but it’s not fitness for dummies.

Optionally, you can also input your goal weight and how many pounds you’d like to shed each week.

Unfortunately, none of this is really explained in the app. Perhaps if you were given more instruction regarding how to eat the proper amount of calories throughout your day, the calorie counting function would have more meaning. There is a help topic, but it mainly addresses how to change your daily calorie budget and what the various lines on the charts mean.

If you’re a health and fitness novice, the Tap & Track – Calorie, Weight, and Exercise Tracker is little more than a glorified notepad. At $3, that doesn’t seem like enough bang for you buck. It’s smart to keep track of exercise and calories, but there are cheaper and better options available. For instance, iFitness only costs $1.99 and has an in-depth look at exercise, while the Food & Fitness Tracker is a free calorie counting app that functions like Tap & Track, except you keep your $3.

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