Turn your phone into a meat-free zone

When I became a vegetarian, the first thing I realized was that it is ridiculously hard to do. If you live in a small town or if all your friends are carnivores, it is a struggle to find a lot of eating options. 

The beauty of the iPhone is that it makes things such as being a vegetarian a lot easier . There are tons of apps to help you live your meat-free lifestyle. The only difficult part is deciding which ones are for you.

Eating out

When I first moved to Chicago, I spent quite a bit of time trying to find all the places that served herbivores. Now I know I could have saved a lot of time with Pocket Garden. This app guides you through the growing process with helpful information and pictures, as well as consistently updated content. Again, this will probably only be useful to newbies, but there the free version (the premium 99-cent version does not have ads) that is worth your time.

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