Typewise App Review

Typewise App Review

Are you annoyed by typos and unfitting word corrections? Are you missing your typing privacy? Get back full control with Typewise!

Typewise is an award-winning keyboard app, which was downloaded by 500,000+ users and rated 4.2 on App Store and 4.5 on Google Play.

Typewise was started in Switzerland with the vision to enable a digital world that genuinely respects user privacy. Their mission is to build the most secure and intelligent human-machine interface by developing text prediction technology using artificial intelligence (AI) that is private-by-design.

Why should you use Typewise?

Honeycomb Layout

Typewise helps users make up to 80% fewer typos, thanks to a whole new layout they developed for their users called a hexagon layout. 

The classical QWERTY layout was invented over 140 years ago and was meant for typing with ten fingers. It is not convenient to use for two-thumb typing. So, they built a keyboard specifically made for smartphones. Through changing the layout, they enabled 70% larger keys that are easy to hit and help you make fewer typos. 


Intuitive gestures enable faster typing. You can swipe up on letters for capitalizing, hold on keys to access special characters, swipe to the left on the keyboard to delete text, and swipe to the right for restoring it.

100% Privacy 

Unlike many other keyboard apps, Typewise does not require any suspicious permissions, no GPS access, no contact access, and no network access. They use an offline word prediction engine that stores nothing in a cloud. All data stays on your device. What you write is not visible to anyone. They want their users to feel safe and free in what they type. 

Intelligent autocorrection

Typewise has its own text prediction algorithm that learns from your typing behavior and helps you write the perfect sentence. If a word was corrected not the way you wanted, you can easily remove the correction. Your word or word preference will also be saved for next time.

Keyboard customization

You can use the honeycomb layout or the traditional keyboard, which also includes the swipe features. Typewise provides you with 19 colorful themes, including dark mode. You can also choose between font sizes, vibration while typing, and more. 

Language support

Changing languages while typing is often cumbersome. With Typewise, you can write in all your languages at the same time. Their artificial intelligence recognizes the language you are typing in and can automatically change it. 

They support over 40 languages, including English, German, French, and Swedish. Typewise designed the honeycomb layout specially adapted to each language, so you can easily access all the specific characters you need and personalize diacritics. 

Typewise won silver at the BOSA (Best Of Swiss App) Award 2020 for innovation and gold for functionality.

Download the app for free and become part of next-generation typers. 

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