Underworld Football Manager combining Football Manager with mafia games

With no end in sight to the FIFA corruption crisis and new allegations of match-fixing and bribery throughout the system, a new breed of manager games were bound to emerge. As one can guess from the title, Underworld Football Manager is exactly this type of game. It uniquely combines traditional soccer management functionality with elements of a City Builder and corrupt mafia-like aspects to offer a “real life” football management game experience. Much like in traditional soccer manager games you build and train your top eleven, strategize and send your team to participate in friendly matches and tournaments. You can bid in live player auctions and sign soccer stars, compete against real life opponents and cooperate with friends. The ultimate goal is to become number one in the league.


In Underworld Football Manager, however, you are also expected to attack, bribe and vandalize you opposition to give yourself the upper hand, and prevent your rivals from doing the same. On top of regular facilities that you would find in your favourite football management game, Underworld Football has a “Pawn shop” where you can buy all sorts of items to destroy your opposition or protect your team, and a “Prison” where you’ll inevitably end up from time to time. There’s also a long list of questionable but rewarding skills for you to master to tip the scales.


With its extensive club management capabilities Underworld Football Management is seemingly well-suited to fans of Championship Manager, PES Club Manager or Top Eleven. Its darker, less serious approach will also attract more casual mobile gamers. According to Stanga Games Inc., the team behind UFM, the game is already being played by thousands of users daily. Underworld Football Manager is free to play and available for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire. The latest release, which is coming very soon, contains a lot of improvements, many of which were suggested by the current in-game community. The new version of the game is coming tomorrow with many new features.

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