Universal Storage with younity

With the ability to stream any content from a desktop computer straight to the mobile device on demand, users will no longer be faced with having to choose between content to load on the device as a result of the lack of memory. As documents, videos, and music are streamed to the device for hours at a time, younity is capable of turning the iPhone into a device with unlimited storage. As long as an internet connection is established and a desktop version of younity is on the computer, files can be seamlessly accessed in seconds.

Despite the actual streaming process being quite complicated, the interface is made to be easy even for those who are not familiar with technically features. Upon opening the app, users must first connect to the applicable desktop computer and then are given the option to access any files which they may need, be it music, videos, photos, or documents. Any file that the desktop contains can be streamed right to the iPhone in a matter of seconds, giving the device virtually an unlimited amount of storage space. As security is often a concern for many who believe that streamed files are vulnerable to hacks and information theft, younity boasts a secure system, especially when the stream is taking place in order to ensure that the packets of information delivered from the desktop are received by the applicable iPhone.

Although an extremely powerful tool to expand memory, the ability to successfully access the files on the desktop are contingent on a strong internet connection. For instance, if a user wanted to stream movies to their device through younity, the internet connection would need to be quick and stable in order for the content to be smooth, otherwise users may experience lagging streams. Although this is seen as a flaw, users and the internet providers are responsible for this measure as opposed to the application itself. Furthermore, installing the companion app for the desktops can be cumbersome as the interface is not as friendly as the mobile app. Users are given an array of customizable features such as which directories the app has access to. While this is perfect for those who understand the technical details, it can be confusing to operate for non-technical users.

Giving access to both iOS and Windows desktops, younity has made tremendous breakthroughs for expanding memory on the iPhone. While Apple lacks the ability to expand its memory with microSD cards, the app is an alternative that gives its users a sense of unlimited storage capacity.

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