US Servicewoman Builds Successful East African Restaurant

"Servicewoman's African Restaurant"

Daisy Smith, a Uganda-born U.S. military servicewoman, has turned her passion for East African cuisine into a successful culinary venture. Launching her own East African restaurant, “Savory Samosas,” with the aim to expose her community to the rich, diverse flavors of her Ugandan culture. This venture has resonated well with her local community, offering them an exciting break from their usual western-food scene.

Smith embarked on her culinary journey in 2023, selling samosas at local farmers’ markets which made over $12,000 in one summer. In 2024, she expanded her business and opened “Savory Samosas,” which saw success and growth, leading to the hiring of additional staff.

Besides serving mesmerizing food, Smith also conducts cooking classes and has initiated a food delivery service. In less than five years, she has built a thriving culinary empire estimated at over $2 million. Her current business, Litto’s East African Cuisine, also offers catering services for small occasions and events.

Smith, however, plans to take bigger leaps by expanding her client base and catering to larger parties and corporate events. With these endeavors, she envisions sharing her East African dishes on a grander scale.

Benefitting greatly from a program for active-duty service members and their spouses, she’s learning about business planning, financial forecasting, and effective business marketing techniques. These insights play a vital role in planning her business trajectory.

Despite her military duties, Smith’s entrepreneurial vision underlines her ambition of transforming her passion for cooking into a lucrative business. She advocates for the importance of personal interests and their potential to lay the foundation for profitable businesses.

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