Want to Connect Better with Your Team? Here are Six Things to Practice

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As the famous saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. As the manager or the CEO of a company, it is extremely crucial for you to connect better with your team for increased productivity. However, many leaders fail to connect with their teams. It is because they think more like a boss and less like a leader. Therefore, we have compiled a list of six things that you can practice in order to connect better with your team.

1. Be a Good Listener

One of the most redundant mistakes that team leaders make is that they do not become good listeners. However, one of the most incredible ways to connect with anyone is to make them feel that their opinions are heard. Therefore, if you want to connect better with your team then you should work on your listening skills. Plus, you should maintain a relationship that allows them to come to you whenever they want to voice their opinions.

In this way, the employees will always come to you with their problems. By solving them, you will be able to connect better with them. It will help you maintain a healthy relationship with the team that will benefit the business in the future.

2. Help People With Their Goals

Many times, when people think like a boss, they do not build a connection with their employees. Therefore, to build a better connection with your team, create an environment that is cognizant of the fact that people and their growth are as important as the profitability of the company. Furthermore, encourage your employees to set ambitious goals in their lives.

It’s because when the employees will notice your encouraging behavior, they will be able to connect with you on so many levels. It will also encourage the team to work harder which will in return be profitable for the company as well.

3. Show Up

As a leader, you cannot expect to have knowledge about everything that is going on in your office if you are not willing to get out of your comfort zone and show up to your employees. One of the most incredible ways to connect with someone is to hold a conversation with them every once in a while.

Therefore, show up to work and take a look around. Ask your team about how the work is going and if they need help with anything. This practice will encourage a healthy working environment at the workplace where employees would know that they will be held accountable for their actions. Hence they will work harder. On top of this, by holding conversations with your employees, you will be able to build a better connection with them in the future as the team members will begin to trust you more.

4. Get to Know Your Team

You cannot expect to connect with your team if you do not know them personally. Yes, it is absolutely necessary to have boundaries. But it does not hurt if you have a conversation with one of the employees every once in a while and ask them how they’re doing. In this way, you will invest one of the most important assets in your team, i.e. your time. The employees will appreciate this gesture. It will give them a sense of relatability and help them connect better with you.

5. Work Harder than your Team

You cannot expect your team to work better and build a connection with you if you are not willing to do the same. If you have instructed your employees to show up at 8 AM every morning, then do the same to lead by example. This will give the employees a sense of relatability. Plus, it will help them connect with you on a personal and professional level.

On top of this, whenever there is any problem at work, ensure that you take the employees into confidence. Let them know that you are willing to get your hands dirty with the work.

6. Be Approachable

Deloitte mentions that 75% percent of companies have employees that are overwhelmed. Mainly because they do not have approachable managers at their work who can help them with their problems. Therefore, try to be an approachable team leader. This way your team does not think twice before coming to you for anything.

A Gallup survey shows that around 50% of people quit their jobs because of their bosses, this is why it’s important to connect with your team in a personal and professional capacity. Talk to the employees so they feel welcomed, it will help you build a better connection with the team. On top of this, lead by example at the workplace – do what you expect from your team.

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