Waterslide Extreme a fun iPhone ride

In lugelike action, the Waterslide Extreme’s takes you through twists and turns across a cityscape. Along the way, players collect as many diamonds and other items as they can without losing control and launching off the slide. But watch out: scattered throughout the different levels are obstacles designed to slow players down.

I wasn’t impressed the first time I played. The controls took a couple of tries to learn, but once I got the hang of them I found myself enjoying the game. I left the controls on the default setting, but there are options to increase or decrease sensitivity, calibrate the accelerometer to how you hold the iPhone while playing, and toggle the brake control between touch and tilt. I recommend switching the camera view from first person to third person because it made navigating turns easier. The graphics are reasonable, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Considering this game is a free app, I’m impressed it’s not littered by ads. A barely noticeable logo from Barclaycard in the main menu screen is all I detected. That makes Waterslide Extreme a refreshing change from many other free iPhone and iPod Touch games.

Waterslide Extreme is extremely fun. It’s well worth a download.

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