Weight Watchers Mobile iPhone app offers nice menu

The Weight Watchers Mobile app is limiting and pretty great. When you download the free app, you are given the choice to log in as a Weight Watchers subscriber or to check out a sample of the app’s features.

Subscribers can search more than 31,000 food options and calculate the value of their WW points. Granted, that is quite an impressive selection, but I must admit, I was satisfied even without being a member.

Weight Watchers Mobile offers great recipes, from Broiled Halibut with Lemon and Herbs to Egg Salad–the secret is chives and reduced-calorie mayo. The app tells you that both recipes are for 3 points. And if you’re feeling the itch to attend a meeting but don’t know where or when to go, you can search by entering your zip code or city and state.

Once I typed in my zip code, a map highlighted all of the nearby meeting spots. After selecting one from the many choices, the name and address of the place popped up, including the meeting leader’s name, meeting times, and instructions to arrive 30 minutes early for registration. Taking it up a notch, featured prizes and special offers, announcements, and driving directions were also offered.

Enticed but not sure you want to join? Weight Watchers Mobile provides links to answer all your questions. These include 10 things you should know about meetings, what you get at meetings, and how Weight Watchers Online works. It’s as easy as Apple-Pear Crisp (4 points). 

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