What Meal Prep Containers Best Fit Your Lifestyle?

Meal prep containers

Over the years, food storage method has been very lacking. The most commonly used method to store food has been just to put the prepared food like pasta on a plate covered with aluminum foil or loosely covered plastic wrap. This method is not appropriate to keep food fresh. We accept that meal preparation is a serious thing and it demands the best meal prep containers to stay with you for a longer period of time. Moreover, using such containers seems a legit and proper way to store food. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast then you must consider having such meal prep containers to have food in portions and deal with hunger pangs as well.

Our whole meal prep process is consisted of

  • Planning (buying food stuff, seeing recipes)
  • Cooking food
  • Food Storage

The Important Things To Look For Before Buying Meal Prep Containers

Before starting to discuss the best meal prep containers, it is very important that you know the important things to look for in the food storage containers. Here are some features of a good meal prep container.

  • Microwave-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Freezer-safe
  • Long-lasting
  • Air-tight
  • Leak-proof

Ideally, a good food storage container would have all these characteristics. However, if you are seeing some of them in a container depending upon your preferences then that would also be a good pick.

Best Meal Prep Containers

Here are some better options you must opt for if you are really looking for a durable meal prep container.

  • Glass Meal Prep-Containers

These containers are the best option for lunches, dinners, and preparing a bulk meal. You can have as much as you want since you will need them the most while looking for a suitable option to store your daytime food.

  • Re-Usable Silicone Bags

These silicone bags are best for storing uncooked food including cut veggies or cheese in the fridge. Moreover, you can also freeze food including chicken pot pies or other sauces. These storage bags are more flexible than plastic storage bags.

  • Split Portion Containers

These containers are best for those people who want to store their food in portions and follow a strict diet. You can use these containers to store different items separately. Moreover, you already see a built-in divider that assists you in storing different items in differently-sized parts. This way, it would be easier to save your food from becoming too soggy from sauces or other liquids. Not to mention, you can easily allocate a balanced portion control in these compartments.

A tip: prefer storing vegetables, fruits, and lean protein in the big-sized compartments and use smaller parts to store nuts, yogurt, or granola.

  • Multiple-Tier Containers

As the name indicates, these meal prep containers offer multiple containers in one. You can store different items in separate compartments and have them all together in one. For example, WORTHBY stainless steel thermal lunch box offers you three round boxes placed on each other for easy storage and transport as well. You open these by lifting the side hinges. Apart from that, each tier in this container has its own leak-resistant lid to keep your meal safe ad fresh. Even if you are carrying liquid food then that liquid seeps out and you can bring such a box anywhere.

One last thing, this container also keeps your food insulated for a few hours so it’s perfect if you are high on eating a warm lunch.

A tip: Keep your veggies in the bottom part, protein food in the middle one, and bread roll in the upper tier.

  • Salad Containers

People on diet usually prefer a lunch of salad. The main reason is it’s nutritious, full-filling, and readily available to eat anywhere. However, if you are not storing your salad properly then you may face green salad wilted and soaked with dressing.

In such a situation, you should consider having a salad container with a separate insert for dressings. This way, you have the option to put your salad fixings in the main part and dressings into another compartment. So, you can drizzle the dressing in the greens when it’s finally time for lunch. You can have customized dressings for your salad comprising lemon, olive oil, or balsamic vinegar.

  • Stainless Steel Containers

While opting for the best meal prep containers, you can also consider stainless steel containers. These containers are made of recycled materials (60%). It’s lightweight and durable which makes it pretty easy to carry anywhere. You can have your lunch in it including raw carrot sticks, granola, sliced fruits, sandwiches, or wraps. Additionally, stainless steel doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. So, it’s a better option if you are always in hurry and can only wipe down the soap and water. However, it is not microwave-safe so be careful with that.

That brings us to the end of our discussion on the best meal prep containers. Whatever you choose highly depends on your purpose to store the food items. So, make a wise move and have a durable meal storage container in your fitness journey.

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