What’s Your Life Worth helps you get your life on track

If you’re obsessed with your future, you’ll want to download What’s Your Life Worth. This realistic app puts everyday things into perspective, and oddly enough, acts as a motivational tool.

After answering several questions regarding age, education and hobbies, you will have an estimate of your financial health and a stepping stone for planning. The app comes from the Allstate Insurance Co. and because it gives you a snapshot of your life, has great appeal. Allstate does not try to sell insurance policies from this app. However, there is an option to go to Allstate’s Web site to learn more about life insurance.

One of the coolest aspects of the app is that everything in your life has a value, even children. I was excited to find out that I am worth roughly $450,000. But then I turned jealous when I realized my best friend’s life worth was close to $1 million.

The What’s Your Life Worth app goes into great detail, down to how much money will be given to your beneficiaries should you die. That amount is calculated by assessing the value of items that could be sold, among other factors.

That is pretty deep for something that is supposed to be fun, but trust me, it is fun.

When you compare your worth to the people around you, the results are mapped in a graph, which makes the app more visually appealing.

The questions you are asked appear totally random–do you cook, like to work with your hands–but the purpose is to determine the lifestyle choices you are making. That helps determine the risk factors you have. Also, be prepared to have some key information at your fingertips, such as how much you spend on hobbies annually.

If nothing else, What’s Your Life Worth is an entertaining snapshot about you.

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