Why You Should Not Feel Guilty About Rest

why you should rest

You need to rest. Give rest to your eyes. We all hear these phrases more often in our lives which grate on our nerves. It’s because we want to rest but we can’t. According to a Deloitte study, “Every one in four professionals said they rarely take their vacation days.” Now, what is the reason behind this? We live in a society full of nonstop hustle in which it’s almost impossible to have guilt-free rest. Our society has redefined the definition of hardworking people “who don’t take any day off”. Now it’s a characteristic of hardworking people. Well! This must not be the case. It’s a real problem for those people who work 365 days a year. The hustle, grinding, and work harder mentality should be implemented in a different way.

Here we are going to state a few reasons why you should not feel guilty about rest and how to give yourself the time to recover/recharge.

Why Is There Always Guilt for Resting?

A simple and straightforward reason is our incorrect and baseless definition of rest. We have redefined rest in such a way that it doesn’t seem healthy or necessary. Technically speaking “rest is a state of the body with minimal functions and metabolic activities. We can also define it in simple words/phrases “it’s a freedom from activities, peace of mind, or something used for support” Yes rest can be used for support in your life especially when you are dying for a moment to catch your breath around a sea. In this way, you are still moving but it’s a type of supportive rest that your mind surely needs to kick off the burden of jam-packed days.

Rest Has Nothing to Do With Laziness

This is a very important thing you need to keep in mind “laziness” and “rest” are two different concepts. When you take days off it doesn’t mean that you are lazy. It means you have intentionally decided to be inactive for a certain period of time. And this rest is necessary for good physical, mental and emotional well-being.

So, to have a guilt-free rest, you should have a distinguished perception of laziness and idleness. Without this change, you will always have guilty feelings coming your way whenever you decide to stop being active. This is because our brain doesn’t persist rather it pulses.

Breaks Are Important for Being Productive

You must have heard many people saying, “If I had time, I could’ve done it more appropriately.” It’s actually very interesting how people think that lack of time is the only problem not the lack of energy. On the other hand, if they get plenty of time for that particular job they wouldn’t be able to do it better. This behavior clearly indicates that time is not the only way to manage things. You surely need to recharge yourself to perform better at work.

When we take time for ourselves, we fuel our bodies and mind. To become a high-performing person, you must be aware of energy management rules. Since energy is a key to being productive. Taking necessary breaks increases your level of focus ultimately making you more productive. So, bear in mind that it’s not about “taking rest” it’s about “recovery”.

Utilize Your Rest Day to the Maximum Extent

It’s very important to make the most of your rest day in terms of mental peace and body recovery. Well, there is no “right” way to rest since it’s your choice and style to spend it the way you want. However, here are a few suggestions that may sound useful to you.

It’s good if you enjoy low-impact movement including walking, gentle yoga, or recovery stretches. It’s because these slow exercises don’t burden your body and help in recovery. However, if sleeping or watching Netflix sounds like a recovery for you then it’s good too. You can get involved in reading, meditation, walking, dinner with a partner, playing games, watching Netflix, shopping, folding laundry, listening to an audiobook, or whatever feels good to you on a rest day. If you feel more comfortable spending time with family members or friends, then have a coffee with them and talk about your life. These strategies can help you to recharge your body and make yourself ready for another round of busy days.

Change Your Mindset!

It’s time to stop considering rest as a luxury and start viewing it as something most important for your physical and mental health. It’s not about sacrificing something in your jam-packed days to make room for rest. Instead, adapt yourself to a schedule which perfectly integrates rest in between tough hours. When you start taking a rest, you will soon see improvement in your work and personal life. It sounds refreshing. Doesn’t it?

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