Wild Warriors Announces “Give To Save” Holiday Campaign

Consumers today place an increasingly higher interest in the social agendas of the companies they interact with, and this is also translating to the games they play. The concept of philanthropic gaming–joint campaigns between gaming companies and nonprofits to support particular causes–is fairly new, but it has proven to be a highly effective method of raising money for charity. Kaydabi, a Los Angeles-based mobile gaming startup, hopes to take charitable gaming a step further this holiday season.

The company has announced the launch of a week-long “Give To Save” campaign for Wild Warriors, the studio’s first title. From December 19th to 26th, 100 percent of all proceeds that Wild Warriors generates through optional in-app purchases will be used to help save the world’s most endangered animals through Kaydabi’s partnerships with four of the world’s largest wildlife conservation organizations: Defenders of Wildlife, World Parrot Trust, Sea Turtle Conservancy and African Wildlife Foundation.


Wild Warriors is a puzzle adventure mobile game that allows players to embark on a crucial mission to save the world’s most at-risk animals. Players battle a troop of powerful, mythical monsters that symbolize all the real-life threats the animals face – everything from deforestation and poaching, to pollution and habitat loss. The game’s hybrid playing style combines casual match-3 and RPG elements, and it allows players to travel the world, battle monsters and rescue dozens of the world’s most endangered animals.

What really makes Wild Warriors stand out is how it is being used to support wildlife conservation in real life and on a long-term basis. Kaydabi has committed to donating 10 percent of all proceeds from Wild Warriors to its charity partners year-round, though that number is going up to 100 percent for the “Give To Save” campaign this holiday season. Similar to other popular mobile games, Wild Warriors is “freemium” – users can download and play for free, but they can choose to buy certain virtual goods in the game with real money if they want to. However, Kaydabi also wanted to allow non-paying players to make a real difference.

For all of its games, Kaydabi is using a special system to empower all of its players – non-paying and paying alike – to decide how the studio distributes the money it raises for charity. In Wild Warriors, players are occasionally asked to place a vote for their favorite animals. Kaydabi then counts those votes each month and uses the results to make a donation to its charity partners on behalf of the game’s players. The money goes straight to the organization that is working, in real life, to protect the respective animal.

The studio is on a mission to make real-life superheroes out of everyday people, and it is doing this by providing people with an easy avenue to promote social good. Mobile games today have the power to entertain millions of people and make a lot of money, but they often fall short when it comes to promoting a higher purpose. Kaydabi’s co-founders, Kameni Ngahdeu and Kwabena Osei-Larbi, were especially bothered by this when they noticed how many charities and importance causes couldn’t raise money or garner support. They decided to combine philanthropy with entertainment, and people have already started to take notice of the unique model. At this year’s LAUNCH festival – the world’s largest startup festival – Kaydabi was named one of the organizer’s Top Ten Emerging Gaming Startups of 2016.

Kaydabi is already working on new games that will be used to raise money and awareness for other important global causes. The founders say that the company is excited to tackle everything from world hunger and poverty, to promoting gender equality and children’s health. “We aspire to get to the point where our games act as high-powered fundraising and educational laser beams that we can direct at any issue and allow people to make a difference while having fun,” says Osei-Larbi. “Wild Warriors is the perfect start to that initiative.”

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