Will There Be Coraline 2?

will there be a coraline 2 movies

Coraline, a film based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, was received very well by fans all over the world. So much so that the fans have been spamming the author and Director Henry Selick on Twitter for confirmation regarding Coraline 2. So, will there be a sequel to Coraline? Read on to find out more about it.

Since the release of the Coraline movie, people have been asking Neil Gaiman about the confirmation of Coraline 2. However, the author took on his Twitter and responded to a tweet with a straightforward “No.” The response of the author was quite disappointing as fans took onto the platform Twitter to show their dismay towards this response.

Why are Directors Skeptical about Sequels of Famous Films?

However, if one analyzes the decision of Neil Gaiman to shun any possibilities of a sequel to Caroline, then one can say that it was a thoughtful decision. It is because whenever a film or novel reaps so much success, people affiliate their hopes and feelings with the sequel. No matter how much you work on the sequel, it fails to move the audience the same way as the prequel did.

Therefore, Neil Gaiman and his decision to not come up with a sequel for Coraline can be justified with this logic. However, there have been many examples of sequels that have made the audience fall in love with the product all over again. For example, a season on Netflix named La Casa De Papel/ Money Heist got an incredible response from audiences all across the globe. However, the producers and writers of the show took on the tough decision and decided to produce five parts of the same show. According to the stats of Netflix, the show broke all records on the platform and received a lot of praise for its sequel parts.

On top of this, Coraline was released back in 2009 which is more than 13 years back. The producers and scriptwriters have moved on to other scripts. Therefore, there is no possibility of Coraline releasing anytime soon (now confirmed by the author himself).

Everything You Need to Know About Coraline

If you are living under a rock and do not know anything about Coraline, it is what you need to know about it.

Coraline was released back in 2009, directed by Henry Selick and written by an author named Neil Gaiman. The film is categorized as a stop-motion horror film and was very well received by audiences around the globe. The plot revolves around Coraline Jones, who is neglected by her parents. The story shows how she struggles to adapt to her life in the palace apartments that are based in Ashland, Oregon. The film made a huge revenue of $35.6 million at the box office. However, analysts estimated a round-up of $10 million. These numbers can explain the huge success of this film and why people were so curious about its sequel.

Sequels to Look Forward to Other Than Coraline 2

We all are a little disappointed because of Neil Gaiman and his response about Coraline 2. However, there are many other sequels that are releasing in 2002 that you can look forward to. Here is a list of sequels releasing in 2022.

Avatar: The Way Of Water

Avatar has been a very famous franchise among audiences of all age groups. It is because Avatar showed a new range of characters that had amazing potential to work around their lives. On top of this, the edgy look of the characters made it very interesting. That’s why people loved the movie in the cinemas, as it was an experience in itself. Therefore, the sequel to the 2009 science fiction and action film. Avatar is a blessing for people who have been a fan of the prequel. Therefore, if you are disappointed because of Coraline 2, book in advance tickets for the sequel of the Avatar.

Minions: The Rise of Gru

Minions and their cute characters have been famous among people all over the world, especially among children. Therefore, the new film Minions: the Rise of Gru will be interesting to watch for people of all age groups. Everyone has missed the feeling of watching films with their friends and family during the pandemic.

Final Thoughts

Since the popularity of this film in 2009, fans have been rooting for a sequel for Coraline. The Twitter accounts of the author and director of this film received a lot of tweets from the fans. However, recently Neil Gaiman replied to a tweet regarding the sequel of the film with “No” which disappointed the fans. But, according to many people, the director and author took a logical decision as Coraline was released in 2009. He is working on new scripts with better ideas rather than releasing a sequel for an old film.

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