Yellow Pages app offers easy navigation and cool graphics

Open the app and you will find yourself at the search interface. In the upper left-hand corner, you can search by voice, which seems to work flawlessly; or type your query into the search field and start looking for your business. The whole functionality of the app is based on relative proximity to your current location, so it will search for the nearest location of the business that you searched. The “World” icon in the upper right-hand corner opens the in-app map to show you the location of the business you selected.

At the bottom, you have four different pages to choose from for your browsing-the-Yellow Pages pleasure. The app opens on the far left page, which is the “Businesses” page. Next, you have the “Events” interface, where you can see events in the area based on your current location. Tap on that “Riverdance” event that you have been looking forward to and it will show you the date of — and information on — the event. You have buttons which allow you to get driving directions, call the venue, or to visit the website. It will even give you the price range of the tickets.

Next, your “Browse” page makes it easy to find the Papa John’s pizza place that’s closest to you, without having to type or speak to search. Click on “Browse” and you will be able to browse by specific businesses or categories. They have even included the signage for the various businesses when browsing by business, which makes finding the one you want easy. Finally, there is your “Favorites” page, which contains your bookmarked searches and the history of your searches.

You can also search for local businesses and access user ratings, maps and driving directions. The app also allows you to dial a business on your iPhone with a tap-to-call option. Conveniently, Yellow Pages features a menu of quick searches for the most commonly used search words like restaurants, auto services and doctors.

This is a great app, both versatile and highly functional. It is very easy to use and makes the whole “Yellow Pages” process that much more bearable.


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