5 Companies Actually Concerned With Improving Your Gut Health

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If you haven’t heard by now, the health of your gut is crucial to your total well-being. Modern diets, lifestyles, and environmental factors have taken a toll on humans’ natural digestive processes, sometimes with devastating consequences. Poor gut health can damage your metabolism, impact your mood, change your appearance, and reduce your overall performance. With long-term neglect, you can be at risk for developing chronic health issues and even cancer.

It is possible to make strides toward improving your gut health to reduce the risk of larger, irreversible health problems. In fact, many health-minded companies have made it their mission to improve the world’s gut health. Check out their products as you develop your healthy gut protocol, blending behavioral changes with supportive dietary adjustments. Together, you can create a sense of total well-being thanks to a healthy gut.

1. Numo

One way to improve your gut health is to increase the presence of live cultures in your gut. Apple cider vinegar (ACV), which includes the good bacteria powerhouse called “the mother,” is one way you can ingest these cultures. However, ACV can be an acquired taste, and when taken daily, even its biggest fans can tire of its flavor.

Numo, an organic supplement brand, creates functional, whole-food solutions to improve both your gut health and your life. Their products blend the whole food benefits of ingredients like ACV with the easy-to-take medium of a gummy vitamin. Together, this approach can deliver whole-health benefits that anyone can stick to, improving gut health outcomes and wellness.

2. Rewind Greens

Getting enough nutrition is challenging, even for the health-conscious individual. With busy schedules, seasonal produce availability, and the need for variety, it’s easy to skimp on nutrition-packed greens. Rewind Greens has changed the nutritional powerhouse of greens by creating a delicious, easy-to-drink blend.

With flavors that homemade greens juices can’t compete with — like cherry, pineapple, even cinnamon apple pie, and pumpkin spice — they’re totally crave-able. Plus, these blends combine a range of powerful ingredients, which if bought separately, would be cost-prohibitive. The convenient powder formula means you’re not left to fumble with a blender or reliant on fresh produce. With a greens powder, your gut can begin to see long-term benefits.

3. Bob’s Red Mill

Whole grains are an essential component of improving one’s gut health. But knowing which products truly contain whole grains can pose a challenge. Marketing slogans, vanity labeling, and other tactics can make you think a sub-par product meets your whole-grain needs. Skip the confusion and go with a brand that’s made its mission all about whole grains.

Bob’s Red Mill has been around since 1978 and has long been a health food store standby. Today, their products are available in traditional stores nationwide and deserve a spot in your cart. With minimally-processed whole grains, their suite of products provides a wide variety and formats for whatever you’re cooking. From oats and granolas to flour options, there’s plenty to choose from, and they have gluten-free and paleo-friendly products too. For natural, gut-friendly grains, they have what you need.

4. Bragg

The gold standard of traditional ACV, Bragg’s made their name in the food and beauty industry. And for gut health, using a high-quality ACV with the mother intact will yield the best benefits. Bragg’s traditional fermentation process takes unsuspecting apple cider and transforms it into a dynamic, healthy ingredient for gut health.

You can use Bragg’s ACV in recipes to sneak in gut-healthy prebiotics, probiotics, and other live cultures. Sample full-strength shots of ACV to get direct benefits, as your tastebuds allow, especially as you’re resetting your gut. With over a century of history and research, Bragg provides high-quality ACV that’s proven to help improve gut health.

5. Health-Ade

Globally, fermented foods are regular components of a healthy diet. Western cultures rarely include this gut-healthy and delicious treat on regular menus. However, farmers’ market startup Health-Ade has led the way for more people to try, and even love, fermented foods. Their fermented tea, also known as kombucha, is a gut-healthy treat that’s been around for thousands of years.

Similar to ACV, kombucha’s fermentation process results in the presence of gut-healthy bacteria. In Health-Ade’s kombucha varieties, the company combines the health benefits of probiotics with delicious flavors and delightful effervescence. This blend of flavor and fun has more people craving kombucha, even switching from gut-damaging sodas. Additionally, Health-Ade’s made it their mission to give the world a healthier gut while sustainably sourcing their ingredients.

Healthy Gut, Healthy Life

In the grand scheme of total health management, supporting your gut with the right nutrition and healthy behaviors is simple. What’s not as simple is making these changes consistently. As with any personal change, your mindset has to be aligned with your actions. However, with a wide variety of products to choose from and companies prioritizing consumers’ health, it’s never been easier.

Think about your gut health goals and how they can support the life you want to lead. Your sugar-laden diet may taste good initially, but chances are, you feel pretty lousy once those cookies hit your gut. Skip the sluggish feelings and balance treats and indulgences sparingly, instead supporting your gut microbiome to be its most efficient. When you do, your healthy gut will help you have the energy, mental clarity, and ability to pursue your goals.

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