90s Theme Party: How to Host the Best Work Party

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Searching for a fun idea for throwing a retro get-to-gather? Celebrating a throwback party like a 90s theme party could be the best idea. As it’s not possible for you to travel through time, bring the time back by arranging such events. Celebrate a decade that provides various outfit ideas and rocking music.

You can find many 90s-themed party ideas that can pump your guests and enjoy a fun-filled evening. No matter the genre of the event (a landmark birthday, fundraiser event, or a cooperate event) you are hosting, the 90s-themed party can be a milestone this year. The reason for throwing a 90s theme party can be enormous. For example, if you are celebrating the birthday of a person who was born in the 90s, honor the year of his birth. Moreover, the marriage ceremony, baby shower, or bachelorette party for a kid in the 90s are the best events for this theme.

Incorporate the ideas given below in your party planning and make your celebration memorable and authentic.

90s Party Activities

The entertainment value is the greatest factor of 90s-themed parties. Similarly, you will find time to bring back memories and see who else remembers the decade.

1. Arrange a 90s Dance Party

Make your playlist as music is a vital part of any celebration. Include your favorite boy bands like NSync and Backstreet Boys to it. On the other hand, to throw a hip-hop party put on Salt-N-Pepa on a cassette tape. Now, be mused by the loud music out of your stereo.

2. Play 90s Games and Toys

You must include games and toys in your 90s theme party to enjoy it fully. Games and toys can increase the excitement and the level of enjoyment by interacting with each other. For this purpose, organize a complete 90s game station. You may incorporate games like velcro toss and catch, Pogs, Bop It, and Skip It. Let your guest feel the pleasure of their childhood games.

3. Arrange a Photo Booth

Another great idea for a 90s theme party is a photo booth prop of that time. Along it, you can transform any of your walls by setting up a matching backdrop. Whether you can allow your guests to take selfies themselves or be authentic by manipulating an antique school Polaroid camera.

4. Set Up a 90s Trivia Game

Host a 90s party focusing on trivia games including questions about 90s news stories, dramas, movies, and music. You can make your party more interesting by giving prizes to the winning team.

5. Get Slimmed

As you know, 90s kids used to watch Nickelodeon and get slimed. Now, you can produce your own using green food coloring along with vanilla pudding. Aside from this, you can either dump your all friends or punish the losers of the previous trivia game.

90s Party Food

No party is complete without delicious dishes. As your guests are now tired after playing games and dancing. They must be working up an appetite. Luckily, arranging 90s delicacies is heat and eat. Hence, too much work is not required. Moreover, you can make it even easier by serving on paper plates instead of fancy tableware.

Don’t forget to add plenty of Capri Sun to your 90s theme party. Drink up 90s style with the Capri Sun cocktail as an adults-only drink. For the main course, serve any of the pizza themed-food such as Hot Pockets, pizza bagels, or pizza rolls. You can also incorporate Toaster Strudels accompanying Fruit Roll-Ups, cheese puffs, and Gushers to complete the meal.

Wrap up your party by serving Dunkaroos for desserts with either milk or White Russians to keep things classic. In case of 90s themed birthday party, adorn the birthday cake escorted by 90s-themed cupcake toppers.

Decorations for 90s Party

You can simply get a party pack showing “I love the 90s” to make easy party decorations. You can find party props, inflatables, and centerpieces part of these packs which are all essential party supplies.

Apart from this, DIY 90s party decors are always on hand. Make your event more classic and fascinating with some vivid colored confetti triangles and squares. Also, add more grace by decorating the ceiling with suspended rainbow Slinkies. To start a conversation, arrange Magic 8 Balls at the center. In addition to this, make your 90s theme party more grown-up version, prepare life-size cutouts of famous pop-culture icons and boy band members you cherish the most from the 90s.

You can throw a technical party, utilize the 90s abandoned technology, and transform them to embellish your party place. You can even spray paint VHS tapes and floppy disks and spread them on shelves.

90s Party Invitations

Set up a party invitation depending on your party theme. Prepare invitation cards in vibrant colored geometric shapes. If you are organizing a birthday event, change the theme according to the birth year.

Now that you know the activities, food, decorations, and invitation method for a 90s theme party. Just make your guest list and invite them to enjoy themselves fully together.

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