A Look at “Rome 2077: Space Strategy”

A Look at Rome 2077: Space Strategy

How often do you see new game strategies in the mobile market? If you think about it, most mobile games are “tap-to-win” types where you simply tap to spawn your troops. Or, they are ones where you need to collect or pay for some kind of “collectables” in order to win. 

There are very few old style, real-time strategy mobile games. These kinds of games allow you to build your base, collect resources, spawn ships, and think about tactics when attacking your enemies.

The lack of these types of mobile strategy games bothered Yelaex Games’s development team, and so they decided to break down this injustice. Today, we will look at their game, “Rome 2077: Space Strategy.”

Phase 1

At the beginning of the development process, the development team already had a world created with stories, fractions and confrontations. You may have seen this in their previous game, “Rome 2077: Space Wars.” They took that world as a fundament for their new RTS game, “Rome 2077: Space Strategy.”

Strategy Resources

With this new game, they added a lot of new ships: almost 100. Now there is a base, or MotherShip, that can spawn other space ships and handle resources. There are also two types of resources: Star Dust and Crew.

Star Dust is a main resource, spice analog from Dune, for example. In order to collect it, you need your harvesters to move to Star Dust sources in space and then unload it to MotherShips.

And each ship needs Crew. To gather this type of resource, you need to capture planets and move their Crew Academies and Crew Academies Terminals. Academy will train your crew members on captured planets, while Terminal is responsible for its fast delivery to MotherShip.

Mission & Gameplay

The campaign starts in 2077 when Republicans (first game fraction) was pushed out from main Live Space sectors to sector Delta by Alliance (secode game fraction). In your first mission, you will command Alliance forces and make a last hit by Republicans by destroying their last base in sector Alpha. 

Controls are pretty simple (as it can be for RTS on mobile): tap on the unit to select it; drag to select multiple units; tap to move or attack. From the first frames, you will see that all ships have their own weapons. All weapons are divided by three categories: Energy (all blasters), Full metal (chainguns, miniguns, rocket launchers, etc.) and Ray (all rays like lasers, electric ray, etc.). Each ship has its own shields for each of those weapon categories. This means that there are no one strong tactics: “spawn the most powerful ships and attack”. No, you must have your squads staffed with a variety of ships to be able to survive. From this point you need to think about your tactics: what branch of your technology you will learn, or maybe upgrade, and what ships to spawn?

For now, the game consists of three campaign chapters with almost 20 full story driven missions and full single player (offline mode) Skirmish mode. 

You can try the game for free! If you like it, please give it a review. 

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