Best Apps for Creating Green Screens

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A green screen or chroma key is a tool to create high-quality multimedia content. Various best apps for creating green screens are available today to create seamless backgrounds. Also, such applications can add a realistic-looking virtual backdrop in your videos in place of the original background. Likewise, this video editing technique has endless commercial and artistic possibilities.

Moreover, green screen applications have seamless natural effects for video editing. A huge number of green screen apps are there to serve you this purpose. But choosing one for you can be hard. So, check out the best apps for creating green screens for iPhone and Android and select the best one for you.

Best Apps for Creating Green Screen

1. PowerDirector

This video editing app is compatible with both iPhone and Android. It comprises professional editing features with an intuitive and user-friendly layout. PowerDirector provides all the tools like special effects, smooth transitions, and sleek titles. Most importantly, this app is easy to work on any device and ultra-fast. You can layer, shape, and blend your videos using its editing tools for impressive results. Additionally, it offers a broad range of cinematic filter collections and dazzling effects that can contribute to making your video perfect. This is one of the best apps for creating green screens because it allows placing green screens effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Color correction tools
  • Timeline interface
  • Audio tools
  • Visual effects capabilities
  • Transitions, overlays, and titles


  • Innumerable compositing tools like blending modes, chroma key, masking, etc.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Video templates available (intro and outro)
  • Google Editor’s Choice


  • Free versions lack some features
  • Limited export controls

2. Chromavid

Chromavid is one of the best apps for creating green screens. You can download it for free on both iPhone and Android. You can instantly replace your background and quickly shoot a green screen using this program. This is the easiest app for simple points replacing the green screen. So, you can do this in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select the chroma key
  2. Choose the background for your video
  3. Lastly, shoot your video

Key Features:

  • Easy color select
  • Easy sharing
  • Intro video template for help at the first launch
  • Image and video library


  • User-friendly even best for beginners
  • Point and shoot


  • No editing tools

3. Green Screen by Do Ink

We placed it among the best apps for creating green screens as it is a fun app. Green screen application is easy to use and can be a great addition to education in your classroom. Additionally, your students will be able to effortlessly create their videos. However, this program is not for professional use but is best for your kids. It is not free and is compatible with iOS.

Key Features:

  • Move, rotate, and scale
  • Scrollable timeline
  • Can combine 3 layers
  • Mask, chroma, and crop tools


  • Video trimming
  • Add drawings and animations
  • Audio mixing
  • Import artwork from its library


  • Only basic editing features are present
  • Not ideal for adults as designed for kids

4. Veescope Live

The next on our list of best apps for creating green screens is Veescope Live. This point-and-shoot app is perfect for making videos live with a green screen. Compared to Chromvid, it is a more complex tool. We chose it because you can create weather forecasts using it. It is an ideal app for a weather person. Apart from this, it has additional features like chroma strength adjustment and also the live crop. This app is compatible with iOS and is free to download.

Key Features:

  • Weather map creation
  • Point and shoot
  • Weather forecast backgrounds available


  • Stop motion animation
  • Features Airplay for live green screen preview
  • Comprises almost 20 backgrounds


  • Can be glitchy
  • Has limited features

5. KineMaster

Kine Master is also one of the best apps for creating green screens which is available on both iOS and Android. It is designed for experienced editors and is ideal for professional editors. So, if you are a beginner in the editing world, it may not fit you best as you may take some time to learn. Also, you can create a quality video using basic video editing features and numerous video effect tools. Overall, it is a reliable program with some solid features.

Key Features:

  • Project files can be imported and exported
  • Chroma key
  • Various tools like crop, splice, and cut


  • Blending modes
  • EQ presets and ducking
  • Speed controls
  • Color adjustment tools


  • Chroma key without color pickers
  • Complex and not beginner-friendly

Videographers, filmmakers, and photographers commonly use green screen apps to create quality videos with unique backgrounds. Likewise, such applications play an important role to create a perfect quality video. So, make sure to choose one of the best apps for creating green screens mentioned in the article. Also, if you want professional-looking results of your final video at an affordable price, PowerDirector is for you.

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