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Don’t look now, but summer is right around the corner. The smell of hot dogs and fireworks. The sound of baseball and kids playing in the street, sitting poolside and enjoying that warm summer breeze, and working out outside. No matter how you like to spend the Summer, a good set of sandals is the perfect footwear for a warm Summer day. The problem is many sandals nowadays are cheap, flimsy, and ugly. Often sandals are purchased for a day at the beach, pool, or waterpark, never to be used or seen again after a single day. And with the low quality of so many of these sandals, it’s not hard to see why. But thanks to the good folks at Chaco, it is time for sandals to make a full comeback. Chaco sandals are the perfect summer footwear.

In this article, we will take a look at what makes Chaco’s footwear great and take a quick dive into what makes Chaco’s brand special. We will also take a look at some of the best Chaco sandals you can buy for the Summer.

Why Choose Chaco Sandals?

First and foremost, Chaco sandals are a truly high-quality product. Unlike many sandals nowadays, Chacos are designed with comfort, performance, and style in mind. Each pair of Chaco sandals are designed with a strong arch to provide active ankle support for the wearer. Using high-quality polyester webbing and strategic weaving, Chaco sandals are able to provide comfort, style, and performance. Whether you’re running to the grocery store, lounging by the pool, or going for a hike by the beach, Chaco sandals have you covered.

Easy to slip on and off, Chaco sandals are the epitome of convenience. With some minor adjustments based on preference and foot size, your Chacos can be ready to go in just a couple of seconds. Unlike many sandals nowadays, Chaco sandals are designed for long-term usage. Made from high-quality materials and a careful design, most Chaco sandals can provide over a decade of frequent usage. Although they aren’t seen everywhere, Chaco sandals have built up a following of devout fans who rave constantly about the product with good reason. No matter how you plan on spending your Summer, you should take a look at some of the Chaco sandals below. With customizable styles and several different models available, there is a set of Chaco sandals for everyone.

Mega Z Cloud Sandal

First and foremost is the Chaco Mega Z Cloud Sandal. A top-of-the-line product, the Mega Z Cloud is one of the best sandals on the market. Modeled after the earlier Z Cloud Sandal, the Mega Z Cloud provides upgraded comfort and support. The Mega Z Cloud features 32 mm laced webbing straps that provide the wearer with a comfortable, customized fit. They feature Chaco’s trademarked outsole that maximizes traction and grip for increased performance and activity. The Chaco Mega Z Cloud also features a podiatrist-approved footbed for better ankle support, healthier arch alignment, and improved comfort.

Pricing for the Mega Z Cloud Sandal starts a $100. It may seem expensive compared to the typical sandal you can find today, but the Mega Z Cloud is a durable and high-quality product. Unlike usual sandals which may last a year or two if you’re lucky, the Chaco Mega Z Cloud Sandal will typically last customers for over 10 years of usage. And with 4 different colors to choose from you can select the perfect set of sandals for your style.

Bodhi Sandal

For those who like the Z Cloud model, but would prefer something a little bit sleeker, take a look at Chaco’s Bodhi Sandal. According to their website, the Bodhi Sandal is designed for those who want “…less chunk, but the same funk”. The Bodhi Sandal features a simplified version of the straps found on the Z Cloud models with an adjustable toe loop. The toe loop allows the wearer to customize the fit of their sandal to match their feet.

Made from recycled polyester, the Bodhi Sandal provides the wearer with a comfortable, lightweight-fitting sandal. Made with Chaco’s trademark outsole, the Bodhi Sandal provides the wearer with comfort and performance at a lighter weight than the traditional Z Cloud Model. Pricing for the Bodhi Sandal starts at $100 and comes with 6 different color choices.

Chillos Slide

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the Chillos slide. Starting at a cheaper price point of just $50, the Chillos slide is the perfect sandal for relaxation. The Chillos Slides are lightweight, stylish, and comfortable. Podiatrist-accepted footbed helps to maximize recovery and comfort for your feet. The Chillos Slides are a much looser fitting model, not designed for active wear, but they make a near-perfect slip-on sandal for relaxation. The Chillos slides come in 6 different unique and flashy styles. And perhaps most importantly for those looking for a waterside sandal, the Chillos Slides float in water. If you want a sandal perfect for relaxation at a lower cost than some of Chaco’s other models, check out the Chillos Slides.

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