The Power of Making Exercise a Habit

marking exercise a habit

Exercise is extremely important for people of all ages. This is true. But there is no doubt that exercise is much more difficult to sustain. As everyone knows the solution to the problem of obesity but the issue is that the solution is very boring and very energy-demanding. What we can do then? This surely happens to you that you can’t get the motivation to continue your workout. If you think that you are the only lazy person in this world who is unable to keep up with workouts daily, then you are wrong. This is not just your problem. Indeed everyone is struggling to make exercise a habit.

But from where we can get the power to make exercise a habit in letter and spirit? It seems like a dream that we do workouts daily just like we brush our teeth daily without the need for any extra energy. How to turn this dream into reality? Do you want the power of making exercise a habit? Then, come with us.

Role of Motivation to Make Exercise a Habit

Motivation is very important to initiate anything in life. But for starting a workout, this motivation becomes super important. No one can exercise without any motivation. Everyone has to find out the right motivation for these highly energy-consuming fitness exercises. One can get motivation by comparing body with colleagues, friends, and relatives. Moreover, watching movies also helps in taking motivation by looking at the perfect bodies of heroes and heroines. Even people are also taking motivation by watching fitness videos on YouTube. But a girlfriend or a boyfriend is the best way to get the motivation in order to develop an attractive body. Whatever the source of motivation is, the actual point is to get the waves of motivation from that source daily.

Training of Mind to Develop the Habit of Doing Exercise

In order to develop the habit of performing workouts, training of the mind is very vital. Without the training of the mind, one can’t make anything a habit. The brain needs to be developed. For this, some strategies can serve the purpose. One such strategy includes three things. These three things are capability, opportunity, and motivation. Capability means the ability of a person to perform that body-building workout without serious consequences. If the body is weak or suffering from any advanced level disease, one can’t take any risk.

The next thing is opportunity. Opportunity means that the person has the time and the supportive pieces of equipment to do that exercise. For example, if you want to lift weights but you don’t have them and even the gym is not located near to you, then how can you perform that exercise even for one day? Now you know that the third thing i.e., motivation. Everyone needs a purpose for every work and the purpose comes from motivation.

Here are some important tips on how to make exercise an essential part of your life.

  • Time to Make Exercise a Habit

Now you are surely interested to know the time for developing this habit. According to research, the average time to develop any new habit is just twenty-one days. Just focus on that new habit for 21 days and after that, it becomes a part of your life as you put cream over your face. But as you know that exercise is a very hard and tough habit. So, some researchers say that it takes time more than 21 days. According to some renowned physiotherapists, the time for making exercise a habit depends on the power of the exerciser. So, it varies greatly from person to person.

  • Need for Goal Setting

Goal setting is very important for achieving a fit body. You don’t only have to set a goal in mind. Instead, you have to write that goal on some page or set it in the calendar of a mobile phone or laptop. The best way is to write on the chart and display it on the wall in front of your bed. This will help you to start the workout the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

  • Schedule Your Daily Routine

All successful persons in this world have the habit of scheduling their daily routines. Without scheduling the routine, one can’t achieve anything in life. When you schedule your routine, you know the exact time at which you have to exercise. In this way, you can perform all your life responsibilities at the right time.

  • Make Exercise a Ritual

If you want to make exercise a habit in the true spirit, then you have to do exercise like a ritual for the initial 21 days. No matter how much difficult it seems, perform it daily without any cheat days. If you get success for the initial month, you will start performing workouts daily just like other daily chores.

  • Importance of Sleep

If you don’t take the right amount of sleep, you can’t develop any new habits. Even it becomes difficult for you to work on already developed habits. According to health specialists, the right amount of sleep means a range of 6-8 hours. It means that you must not sleep more than 8 hours or less than 6 hours.

In short, making exercise a habit is not impossible to achieve. What you have to do is to plan your workout, perform them daily and keep your focus on your motivation. Moreover, don’t forget to get a daily reward of watching your favorite show for one hour and a monthly reward of one cheat day. Go and develop your dream and fit body.

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